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  • Carl Grimes Imagines
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    These are Carl Grimes imagines. I really hope you like them, and please comment what you think and vote. I also will be reading all comments and messages for any suggestions or requests.

  • Trying Our Best - Carl Grimes x Reader
    4.3K 281 31

    COVER BY- XFINITYBIEBER |||| WARNINGS: STRONG LANGUAGE [DISCONTINUED?] tell me if you want to have it continued and I might (2021) The apocalypse began and the worlds civilization ended. (Y/n) and her family of three, Jason, Thalia and Milia have reached Alexandria. They have to go through some devastating times dur...

  • Stuck on Feelings [ Carl Grimes ]
    1K 32 11

    An ongoing story about your journeys and affairs with the group.

  • Carl X Reader (Completed)
    58K 1.4K 45

    I am fine with the way my life is. I'm fine with the Saviors constantly bugging me. I'm also fine with keeping secrets from people I know and trust. Well, that was what I thought until Carl showed me that being fine isn't always the best. There can always be better. Now, what all will I have to do to survive with my n...

  • Chandler Riggs & Carl Grimes Imagines
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    (inactive) As the title says, I write Carl Grimes and Chandler Riggs Imagines.

  • Carl Grimes Imagines
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  • Chandler Riggs and Carl Grimes Imagines
    390K 4.5K 97

    This a book full of imagine of Chandler Riggs and Carl Grimes. Enjoy!!!!I!

  • Grimes/ Riggs Imagines
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    I needed to make my love for Carl Grimes known so, I wrote imagines, a written representation of everything I desire.

  • chandler riggs + carl grimes imagines
    206K 4.3K 38

    short imagines to make you happy and/or sad ;) want to request an idea? go to chapter 35; FAQ [[ there will always be warnings for smut, depression and spoilers ]]

  • Carl Grimes Imagines
    198K 3.2K 42

    Do you want the bad ass Zombie Hunter Or The adorable little man known as Chandler? Pick your poison. *** Just a bunch of Carl and Chandler imagines. Requests are always open. Love comments :)

  • Carl Grimes and Chandler Riggs Imagines
    229K 4.5K 48

    A range of Carl Grimes short Stories [Now includes SMUT] I started this book in 2015 when I was 15 so I don't think that I will be revisiting it. Hope you enjoy :) I don't own the character Carl Grimes or any of the other the walking dead characters in this book however, all the imagines have been written by me.

  • Carl Grimes Imagines (Discontinued)
    55.6K 1.3K 34

    Will take requests, just message me or say what you want in the comments! A collection of imagines and one-shots of Carl Grimes. Also doing Chandler Riggs imagines! Requests open!

  • Chandler Riggs & Carl Grimes Imagines
    30.6K 712 20

    "I'd do it for you" -c.g A book of Carl Grimes and few Chandler Riggs imagines <3 (I don't own any of TWD characters)

  • Carl Grimes Imagines {Completed}
    311K 8.5K 57

    ~Imagines about Carl Grimes,. Requests open.~ Enjoy :) ~If you do have a request for an imagine just message me with where you want it to be and what you want it to be about.~ {I don't write personals, just so everyone can enjoy the story and add their name.}

  • Carl Grimes And Chandler Riggs Imagines
    58.6K 1.7K 101

    So I see every one do these so I thought I should try it

    Completed   Mature
  • ~Carl Grimes Imagines~
    71.5K 1.1K 22

    Just a book of carl grimes imagines REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!!!

  • c.g | c.r imagines
    172K 4.8K 34

    Scenarios in which you're paired with either chandler riggs or carl grimes! I take requests, too.

  • Carl Grimes Imagines
    66.8K 1K 23

    My love Carl grimes and chandler riggs imagines

  • Chandler Riggs and Carl Grimes Imagines
    106K 2.2K 34

    This story is filled with imagines about chandler riggs and carl grimes! Some imagines I make up or get ideas from other books and change them up a bit. I also take requests (details on "request form" chapter) So sit back and relax, it's just you and him ❤️ -Alexis

  • Carl Grimes/Chandler Riggs Imagines ♡
    115K 2K 29

    Here's just a series of imagines that I make randomly, so enjoy them ♡

  • Carl Grimes & Chandler Riggs Imagines ✓
    128K 2.8K 47

    imagines of carl grimes & chandler riggs. - under editing !! © 2015 | rainylust | all rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Walking Dead OneShots + Imagines
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    I do requests for any characters, any season. You can give me a prompt or a background story if you want too.

  • Forever, Or For Never (Chandler Riggs X Reader)
    32.1K 1.1K 33

    meeting your child hood crush Chandler Riggs was a dream come true. it became all to good to be true when you found out you'd get to know him much better than you expected. many times love means getting burnt, but is the flame ever gonna go out? {Completed}

  • Chandler Riggs/ Carl Grimes Imagines
    119K 3K 24

    Picture perfect imagines of you with Chandler/ Carl

  • Carl Grimes Imagines ➹ Smut&Fluff
    306K 4.3K 44

    Most imagines are of Carl Grimes, but I do write some of Chandler Riggs. I write both smut and fluff, which I alternate each chapter. I try my best to update as fast as I possibly can. The imagines get better throughout the book, and hopefully you enjoy them. Intended for Mature Readers

  • Everything Will Be Alright
    4.2K 215 30

    SEPERATE FROM MY 'Save Me' SERIES! Carl Grimes x reader (Your Daryl's daughter) Bethyl will happen---- Richone is definate! I will probally have people who didnt die, die,(alot will remain the same) because well, one persons presence can chanhe shit quick. First chapter will have all the warnings....

  • My Cure CarlXReader
    3.2K 190 23

    A disease spread a few years ago..Causing the dead to rise and chase the living.. And as a result 90% of the human race was wiped out. But what about that other 10%..What if there's still hope.. What if there was a cure..What would happen when they find the cure.. Sacrifice is in order..For the greater good of humani...

  • Small World ( A Carl Grimes fanfic)
    23.6K 810 38

    (F/n) Dixon was just an ordinary 9 year old girl. But there's a catch, a zombie outbreak is currently happening and (f/n) had watched her family and friends quickly die all around her. After her mother dies, she figures she was meant to be alone, but she continues looking for her father anyways, and a place to call ho...

  • Chandler / Carl Imagines
    49.1K 1K 27

    Finally I'm back and going to write some more! Hey guys, awesome that you found the way to my collection of Carl Grimes and Chandler Riggs Imagines. I write about everything that comes to my mind. In the Imagines (Y/N) stands for 'Your name' I'm also taking requests, just comment under the first part or send me a mes...

  • Carl grimes x reader
    7.4K 218 29

    Carl grimes and you Still writing (making five parts a day and parts may come out as late as 11:00 pm)