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  • My Queen - Yami/Atem x Reader (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
    12.1K 368 34

    Atem finally passes over to the afterlife. Only to realise his queen is in the land of the living. She serves under a Goddess. He agrees to serve the Goddess, returns to the land of the living. Now on a mission to win (Y/N)'s heart again. ⚠️There is swearing, killing and sex! You have been warn!⚠️ I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh...

  • Thin Lines (Goku Black x Reader)
    199K 6.4K 28

    "You know, Y/N, there's a very thin line between love and hate, and if you're not careful..." He pushed your hair off of your forehead and smirked when a thin line of blush began to cross the bridge of your nose. "You may very well end up crossing it, and you wouldn't want that, now would you?" His face was right in...

    Completed   Mature