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  • Spark In Darkness (Spark Series 1)
    3.4K 794 17

    Without darkness, spark can not shine. And without spark, darkness has no meaning. SPARK SERIES #1 Started: December 17, 2020 Finish:

  • Of All The Odds
    1.4K 690 14

    Born in the world of Powers, Magic and Spells all she can have, all she want is right in her hands. The beauty, charm and power but what was hiding under the shadow is a secret that must remain as it is. The darkness that controls herself. Will she accept what she really is or she is determine to keep it and flee for...

  • Ghosting Madness
    1.5K 326 31

    "She left her madness for good, yet the Madness she hated wants her presence once more." -- After settling in the city to start a new life, Joshel Buela began to face the consequences of her past actions. Meeting blank faces from strangers gradually changed the way she sees the world and also the way the world perceiv...

  • Unexpected You COMPLETED✔
    1.2K 719 25

    What will happen if you live in the same house with your enemy? Hmm... Let's find out!