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    Hey everybody! Uraraka Ochako here! I was recommended this app by some of my friends, and they really enjoyed it! So I figured I might as well try it out too!

  • Dimension Breaker: Being The Weakest In The World
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    Kirisaki Shoku, your average teenager boy with a playful attitude, was having a normal teenage life until his childhood friend Akari got leukemia. Determined to save her, he was driven by the flames of determination and became a doctor. Before he could tell her the good news, an earthquake struck at the wrong time at...

  • reincarnated into a sadist's body ✓
    547K 19.6K 101

    [REINCARNATION] A sudden change happens in the body of this infamous, but young beautiful sadist who no longer contains its core- the sadistic soul. As she was found out to be a very sadistic and impure girl, by the aristocrats, she was grounded in her home, for one whole year, but escaping will be easy, of course, e...

  • The Reincarnated Mob's Route
    164K 5.9K 21

    "What the f@#$ing hell ?!" The protagonist Alice is reincarnated into the crappy game she make [Colour Of Flowers] where she puts all kind of death flags, abusive past, and all sort of cliché development as a mob character?! cheat, demon, and beast. Watch Alice as she change the whole scenario !

  • New place to call home (Hyperdimension neptunia X Brink male reader)
    183K 4.9K 104

    You are a security of the ark and you would protect it with your life, but what happens when you failed to protect it and is sent to another dimension? And the girls there take interest in you?

  • Generation Exceed: Catching Hands
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    As Miroka destroyed the Generation Squadron hideout, Miroka went unconscious and being sent to another dream. She was brought to a mysterious cult hideout. After that, she fainted and being sent to another and she were given a power that being grant by a unknown boy. She wakes up, and she began to befriend with a girl...

  • Generation Exceed: New Beginning
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    A story about a girl, who possessed all the ability of the generation of Heat. She is on his journey from Runeterra to Alpha, the Distorted Time and Space in order to bring back all the generation of Heat and bring the world to peace. She is alone at first but she created a squad after she made a new friends and met a...

  • The Immortal Reaper
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    Kenta dies saving his childhood friend and crush, you would think end of story, next stop heaven. That is what he thought too... Until he was reincarnated into Reygolus, a fantasy world of adventure and death.

  • I was reincarnated into an otome game and decided to run away
    163K 6.9K 18

    A girl was reincarnated into an otome game as the villianess Aurora Rainhart. So she decided to sever all ties from her family and run away. Join her as she goes on adventures whilst becoming a hero without her knowing. Beware there is some violence in this story

  • Fate: Dual Journey
    45.6K 1.9K 16

    What happens when the only boy able to use a unique ability called Azure goes to an all girl school full of beautiful and dangerous students? Well, we'll see! (An Anime style story!)

  • I am reincarnated in another world as a GENIUS
    233K 8K 27

    The law of the jungle, the strong will thrive and flourish while the weak will slowly rot away, this law applies to any world. I was murdered by my own sister that I would have never thought would do what she had done today. I loved her, spoiled her, maybe a bit too much leading her to an endless thirst for power. Thi...