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  • (Y) The Harem King
    443K 4K 18

    The old harem king is dying and so he transfers his power to his son (Y) and as the boy grows older the harem king power grows attracting all girls. Will this be to much for him to handle

  • Cubicity
    85.4K 1.4K 38

    What if our hero met a certain invisible girl at the entrance exam? Follow Izuku as he gains a group of friends after meeting Tooru and learns that one does not need to see someone to see the beauty in them. This is primarily a slice of life story that focuses on character interactions between canon. First non-harem I...

  • Mamono Island (Monster girls x Male reader)
    256K 2.1K 30

    (Y/N) is your average everyday guy with a not so fun life. But what will happen when he receives a island of monster girls as a gift?

    2.5K 57 1

    Y/N L/N, a young boy of a scientist who, worked for a company experimenting with pharmaceutical supplies. An outbreak occurred at his facility, causing people to go mad with anger. A girl visits her uncle from school, little did she know that she would get caught in the fray. This story has many references, mainly fro...

  • The Dark Dragon Paladin: Mirajane Strauss x Male Reader x Erza Scarlet
    82.4K 995 13

    A "Fairy Tail" - male reader insert Mirajane Strauss x Male Reader x Erza Scarlet With the two leading ladies of Fairy Tail vying for his attention and his heart torn between them, how could any man possibly choose? Splits off on two story routes after Chapter 3, depending on the reader's preference. Disclaimer: I do...

  • Stary eyed maiden
    64.1K 1.3K 34

    A young wizard that go's by the name, (y/n) (l/n), that has a mysterious and incredible power takes part in the Grand magic games with his Guild, Sabertooth. During the games he sees a beautiful young blonde mage with blonde hair, and i guess u could say it was love at first sight. Will he stay with his guild and hel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fairy Tail x Male Reader [Plunder]
    32.1K 425 4

    (F/n) is unable to use magic. One day, his family is murdered by a dark guild. Soon after, on a dark and cloudy evening with only a sword, (F/N) kills every member of the dark guild. Natsu's team had been camping out nearby and heard everything going on. When they found what it was, they were shocked to find dead bodi...

  • Reaper in Remnant! (RWBY x Reaper Male Reader)
    656K 10.1K 143

    The reaper decides to explore the world of remnant, what will he find there? Peace, war, or... Maybe... Love?

  • Japanese Urban Legends
    1.8M 66.5K 48

    Love the creepy side of Japan? On the surface, all that people hear about Japan is their rich culture, and how weird some of their customs and inventions are. But aside from that, there is a darker side of Japan, including their unsettling urban legends. From different colored toilet paper to a poem that might curse y...

  • If I said I love you
    6.5K 156 1

    He could never confess. She's always angry about things. Now they are alone and can talk privately. Will he confess and will she accept? Izuku x Fem Katsuki (Lemony One-shot).

    Completed   Mature
  • Curiosity - Boku no Hero Fanfiction | Izuku x Nejire
    214K 3.2K 21

    She is a super curious person, one of the Big Three and a senior in U.A. What happens when she finds herself more curious of a certain green-haired boy who didn't use his quirk during most of the Sports Festival?

  • Boku No Hero's +18 One-Shot Series
    2.1M 12.8K 53

    A series of one shots with our favorite cinnamon sun child getting all the girls attention. Izuku is such a pure hearted child, now tossed and turned into a series of love lifes and drabbles. Izuku you lady killer you~ Requests Accepted

  • Be There (Awaiting Re-Write)
    30.9K 495 5

    Izuku inherited his quirk at a very young age. Izuku loved his quirk and with it he would become the greatest hero ever! Until one day everything in his life fell apart, Kacchan who he had always had a great friendship with was seriously injured. There were so many heroes on the seen and yet they did nothing, not even...

  • monika.chr not found (A Doki Doki Literature Club Fanfic)
    105K 2.3K 12

    It's always darkest before dawn. This takes place after Monika deletes all of the other characters and has you in a room with her. So this is the first Fanfic I've ever made. Heck first story really. Hope you like it, I just needed a bit of closure and I hope it helps you aswell. I'm not done yet don't worry. NEXT CH...

  • The Boy Who Could
    205K 2.6K 23

    Izuku Midoriya is your typical student at U.A, sort of... His Quirk One For All is powerful but comes at a cost if he uses it without limits, yet he's the top prospect out of the freshman. One day when he's getting lectured for fighting he meets one of the big 3 eventually showing off his abilities, and why he's the N...

  • Neko girl x Male reader
    41.9K 357 14

    You just moved to a new city by yourself on your new house. You're going to a new school, so you start reading your school schedule when something interrupts you outside your house. It's a box in front of your door. What's inside? Who left it here? Find out reading this story!

  • Thank you, Master! - Neko x Male Reader
    198K 2.3K 15

    (Y/N) (L/N) is a senior high school student at Yokohama High School. He lived a normal life until he met a homeless girl in the park..... Cover by: Skottie on Steam (?)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Shy Rockstar(awaiting re-write)
    154K 2.5K 19

    [1st place BNHA Wattys Izuku fanfics category] Izuku gives up becoming a hero and decides on becoming a musician. Little did he know that one of his loyal fans would start falling in love with him. This is a izukuxjirou fanfic

  • Wrath of the Dragons (Pokemon Cynthia x Male Reader)
    41.4K 367 6

    This takes place after the events of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Cynthia lost her title as Sinnoh league champion. Deciding to go on a journey again, she makes her way to Nuvema Town in Unova to meet up with Professor Juniper, an old friend. However her meeting with an 18 yr old would change the fate of the entire...

  • My Hero Academia x Male Reader
    238K 2K 28

    You are the new student in class 1-A. Joining late but just in time for the sports festival, you'll need to give it your all to stand out and maybe find love along the way.

  • My Hero Academia x male reader (The Brother I Never Knew)
    131K 3.1K 25

    what If Izuku had a twin brother separated from birth? The oldest twin had his quirk early and the youngest never got his quirk. What happens if they both go to A.U. in the same class?

  • Blooming Lillie
    9.6K 78 3

    A Lillie x Male protagonist fanfic. SPOILER ALERT What would Lillie and Elio's relationship be like if love was confessed the night Elio became Champion? The night before Lillie has to leave.

  • My Shining Sun - Lillie x male reader (Pokémon)
    132K 1.4K 40

    Lillie, the love of your life, left to Kanto. What will you do in the meantime, and what to do when she suddenly returns? A new adventure awaits! Will you be able to confess your love to Lillie? Besides, will you even be able to survive the journey?

  • Shifting Wastes
    109 11 6

    Earth is not the same anymore.After a terrible event that changed our planet for the worst, there is no hope. There is only the Shifting Wastes, a endless landscape of a once beautiful world now turned to a savage hell that favors no one. It's a land of great rewards but also great danger.Of mysteries lost to the ages...

  • The Quirky Hero (BNHA X Male reader)
    30.4K 300 3

    What happens when a 7 year old kid named (Y/N) has his father and brother murdered in front him? Will he seek vengeance or......will he seek justice? What happens when he enters UA? A school filled with friends? A school full with rivals? Well.....Let's find out.

  • (Y,N)'s Pokémon Adventure Volume 1
    351K 3.1K 55

    (Y,N) goes on a Pokémon Adventure I don't own Pokémon Nintendo owns Pokémon

  • Boku No Hero Academia X Male reader 1
    22.5K 353 9

    This is my first Fanfic, give me feedback and other crap okay?