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  • We Were Separated (MCSM Lukesse Fan Fic)
    21.3K 525 13

    NOTE: CHANGED COVER AND THANKS TO SERIBLAZE FOR IT !! "We will get back together again, right?" "We will. Because I will find you." He grabbed my hand firmly. "And you'll find me." (Story does not include Witherstorm, but other adventures.)

  • Believer(A lukesse fanfic)
    5.5K 214 8

    Jesse had a gift. Her mind was the most complex system you could ever imagine. She knew anything and everything. There's only one problem: No one can find out. Jesse has spent years developing her reputation as the shy, quiet kid and Petra is the only one who knows the truth. But when Lukas overhears her and Petra one...

  • Control (MCSM Lukesse)
    36.2K 1K 17

    Cover by BlazingFlareonX on Deviantart. Thx ^^ "I'm killing everyone... I can't stop... He... He keeps controlling me like I'm a toy!" "It's okay Lukas. It's okay..." "How?! I killed everyone we just know!" "You can control it. You can control HIM."

  • Minecraft Story Mode: A Different Story
    21.4K 637 26

    Jessica aka Jessie, daughter of The Founder and heir to Sky City's throne, has always been a great builder like her mother but sometimes feels left out of her mother's life. Always having to go down to the base of the island to get resources and always having to lock up innocent people for a stupid law. Now that's she...

  • Minecraft Storymode Groupchat
    5.7K 168 20

    Hello! This is where the MCSM crew comes and chats together! WARNING!!The MCSM crew will have the weirdest conversations EVER!!! Other than that, the title explains it all.

  • Minecraft Story Mode: Ask Or Dare!
    50K 889 119

    The MCSM crew is trapped with me >:3 MWAHAHA! Ask or Dare them!

  • Taken Over
    20.2K 711 53

    (This story takes place after Episode 8 and before Season 2 with some changes to the original story line) After returning home from the Portal Hallway, the gang return to their world to find that a new danger is about to reveal itself with the twins,Jesse (Jessica) and J (Jesse), in the center. Minecraft Story Mod...

  • Revenge (Minecraft Story Mode)
    31.6K 737 41

    All seem great for Jesse and the Order. They got home, Em joined the team, and Ivor is going on his first date with Harper! If you think that means everything's going to be fine, its not, for Hadrain plotted revenge on the Order, with Jesse as his main victim again. Now its up to the New Order, along with new friends...

  • The Darkness of Lukas (Lukesse On Hold)
    173 9 1

    After Jess went to join the Blaze Rods, Lukas was left in a world of darkness. Meanwhile, Petra is also trapped with Lukas. While every day goes by, Petra becomes more and more weak while Lukas becomes more and more unusual. Axel and Olivia are forced to turn to the only person left, Jesse. (Sequel to The Wolf of Jess...

  • A Second Chance
    39.6K 1K 24

    Jesse was a great hero who sacrificed herself to save the world from the Wither Storm. Her friends miss her deeply, but must go on yet another mission to clean up the old Order's mess. They meet a young girl named Jennifer, someone that seems familiar to all of them. As they go on yet another exciting adventure they w...

  • I'm a Minecrafter, Get Me Out of Here - 2016
    373 15 7

    After months of waiting it's finally here. Join this years Minecrafters as they fight to become King or Queen of the Jungle. They'll be friendships, fights and romances but who will win. It's time to find out, here on I'm a Minecrafter, GET ME OUT OF HEEEEERRREEEEEE!!!! *Based off of the popular TV show, 'I'm a Celebr...

  • The wolf of Jess (MCSM Lukesse and Jetra)
    5.3K 148 21

    Jess went missing and Lukas went out to find her. To his surprise, Jess was sleeping with the wolves (litterly) and became one herself. Will Lukas still love Jess or are they done?