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  • One of Those Rubbish Brits. [Alexander Hamilton X Reader][COMPLETED]
    243K 7.5K 60

    [Y/N], Daughter of King George III, who got sent to America for unspecified reasons. Sent with many guards, many people hate her. But can someone like her to the point of loving her? Well one man can, one very important man. This one is more serious than my other books, but I still fuck around with it. **i wrote this...

  • "Why Do You Love Me?" [John Laurens x Reader]{Book One}[COMPLETED]
    574K 15.4K 112

    [Y/N], twin sister of the bastard, orphan himself, finds herself in love with his best friend Lmao let's just say this was serious at one point. Now I just fuck around with it. **i wrote this in like 2015-2018 when i was in middle school so don't take it too seriously -I do not own Hamilton, or you- Obviously, I wil...

  • •THE LANCELOT• {lafayette x reader}
    16K 608 6

    The fighting won't stop. The bleeding won't clot. The voice in my head yelling at me to give up won't be quiet. I want to give in, but I still want to live. I reach out for anyone, yet my fingers only brush against their body and slip out of my grasp before I can capture them. Then again, this is war-a revolution tha...

  • "Normal." Lin X reader
    19.8K 647 4

    You met him online. It was nothing, but it was something. He was kind, sweet, amazing. He lived in NYC, that was good. He was your age, that was better. He liked you, that was amazing.

  • when you smile {philip hamilton x reader}
    120K 4K 26

    In the beginning, everything seemed perfect. (Y/n) Eacker went through her days with jubilance and no regrets, and nothing could destroy her happiness... That is, until she meets Philip Hamilton, the, (quite) young and (quite) handsome nineteen year old bachelor from across town. In the middle, everything seemed fin...

  • Hamilton x reader oneshots {DISCONTINUED}
    110K 1.6K 45

    Mostly X readers! No lemons or smut. I might try to do ships.

  • Someone Under Stress Meets Someone Looking Pretty (Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader)
    160K 4.8K 33

    *Inspired by "Empty Libraries" from tumblr user manuelmirandamn* And as both the writer and the reader of this story, I invite you to write yourself along side with me, into a narrative of what might have happened if, instead of a Latino-hip-hop fusion experience, Lin-Manuel Miranda found his passion for playwriting t...

  • Hamilton one shots (Volume 1)
    130K 2.3K 37

    I am kind of liking the idea of having short stories in stead of one long one so here we go!

  • Hamilton x Reader Back to their 70s
    608K 20.6K 80

    When Y/N suddenly lands in the 1770s, after being pulled into the ocean, she meets Hercules. He and his friends help her get around. By mistake, she joins the revolution. However, when everything starts going downhill, her lust for satisfaction gets out of control... The cover was made by my awesome friend: @Em_The_Ar...