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  • Game On
    1.7M 42.2K 38

    #1 in Thriller /15-05-18/ "I want her", he says in a deep voice, causing me to shiver. His hair and eyes are the same color as the sky at night and his lips are curled up in a mischievous smirk. He reaches out his hand and gently touches my cheek and I take a step back, my eyes full of anger and fear. "Ah, feisty one...

  • tacenda » [jughead jones]
    7.8K 298 7

    tacenda (n.) things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence [season 1 - x] ♛ [jughead x oc] All credit goes to the CW, Archie Comics, The Cast, etc. (except from my characters ofc)

  • Promises: Jughead Jones x Reader
    33K 872 12

    3 years it's been. Three, long, sad years. You've been in Riverdale for most of your life, but when your mother got a job back in Seattle, you had to leave. So, that meant... goodbye friends, and goodbye your life you loved so much. Seattle was different from Riverdale, but it just never felt like home for you... You'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wet
    4.8M 182K 45

    Arielle Tesfaye's senior year immediately turns upside down the second she finds out about her switch to another swim team. Although the problem with this one particular swim team was not what she was expecting. What if this team was home to the 10 most popular, sexiest, charismatic, most talked about boys of Amphitri...

  • Babysitting The Bad Boy's Little Sister ✔ (editing)
    14.8M 500K 57

    Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction (21/Sept/2016) ♡ Completed (30/Aug/2016) ♡ Catherine is a teenager who has recently lost her parents in a car accident. Her life is mostly about high school, work and taking care of her little brothers. Having her best friend by her side makes her think that maybe life isn't treating h...

  • You Could Be My Bad Boy
    521K 22.4K 64

    "Think about it Emlyn. You are a bad girl, I am a bad boy." Andre pointed his hand towards me, then at himself. "Together we can rule the world." He smirked. I stared at him seductively, grabbed his leather jacket's collar and leaned closer to him. Smiling in victory when his breathing quicken, and whispered to his ea...

  • Fake Dating the Bad Boy
    7.8M 248K 32

    Highest rank in teen fiction #7 Highest rank in #boyfriend #2 Started 28th August 2016 COMPLETED 8th January 2017 Not edited Olivia Valentine wants revenge on her ex boyfriend, Aaron Black, who cheated on her with, as Liv would like to call her, the blonde haired bimbo who is only popular for her fake boobs, and what...

  • The bad boy with glasses
    3.7K 100 11

    Started writing this book: Friday 30th March 2016 Dylan Spencer the boy with glasses that is known as the new boy but soon known as the bad boy that gets all or any girl he wants. That is until he meets Jessica Anderson. Everything changes for him. Jessica Anderson known as the good girl but as we go into the story...

  • Mr. Glasses Boy
    7.5K 406 27

    "Kyle, I already told you. I just can't. I'm not ready yet." I said to my pouting boyfriend. "Lil, please. It'll be so fun," he says. I frown and raise my eyebrows. "I am not having sex with you!" I yell. I motion for him to leave and he stomps away, leaving me standing there, furious. "We're over!" He screams, and sl...

  • I Broke the Bad Boy's Nose
    298K 8.8K 26

    "Unfortunately Monday's events reflected poorly on my character, and trust me when I say that in normal cases I exhibit much more elegance." Spencer said smoothly. I coughed. "Yes Miss. Hoffman?" "Yea, sorry I just go some bullshît stuck in my throat." *** An accident, which led to an argument, caused a kiss, and the...

  • Good girl gone bad
    226K 5.8K 24

    Faye Jackson was your average nerd she got picked on and bullied till she couldn't handle it. She got the chance to study in London for two years but now she is back for senior year in her home in California. But the thing is she traded in her glasses for contacts. Dirty sneaker for combat boots. She has tat...

  • Badass Nerd
    58.9K 2.1K 12

    Lisa isn't your typical nerd. She wears Air Jordan's, leather jackets, skinny jeans, and everything else the typical nerd doesn't wear. Lisa isn't popular but everyone knows her. She's all about the books but doesn't take shit from anyone. What happens when she slips up and gets detention, breaks her perfect attendanc...

  • The Nerd's Secret // Book 1 [Completed]
    5.5M 177K 36

    Highest Rank #1 in Action "I can't tell anyone how I was kidnapped and raped. How I was used and abused. I certainly can't tell anyone how I learnt to fight so that I could protect myself" Mia Brooks wasn't your ordinary teenage girl. She is a teenage girl with no family. After being left alone on the streets of Nort...

  • The Bad Boy And The Badass (Completed)
    6.1M 154K 34

    "You don't seem like a nerd so what are you?" He asked raising an eyebrow as he eyed my black rimmed glasses, thick woollen jersey and ratted converses. I crossed my arms and did the same to him. "You don't seem like a bad boy that actually turns out to be gay but we are all mistaken sometimes." I replied watching as...

  • He Stole my Glasses
    87.3K 3K 11

    What would you do if you seen the Bad Boy of your school in your window when you wake up? Also to find out he took your glasses the next morning ?

  • The Badass Nerd
    207K 8.3K 17

    Is it possible for one person to have two identities? Is it possible for one person to live a double life? We all read about these things, situations - whatever you'd prefer to call them, but are they actually possible? Meryn is a student at Cavalton Highschool and is currently finishing off her final year, preparing...

  • A Player, A Bet and The Badass Nerd
    119K 5.4K 63

    Meet Bree Anderson aka Raven. She you're typical 17 year old..........not. Pretty, 5 ft 6, long, curly black hair with pink rimmed glasses and doesn't care about her appearance. Typical nerd right? WRONG! She's a shraight A student who tries to stay under the radar but fails miserably. Why? Because she parties hard...

  • That Bad Boy in Glasses
    32.7M 1.3M 42

    Violet Landon disguises herself as a guy and works secretly as a replacement driver at night for inebriated people who can't drive. 'Stay out of trouble' is the mantra she has always followed. This job is her key to college and keeping it away from her stepmother and stepsisters is her goal. Gage Mathews is a rich bad...