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  • Love will Pearce Through the Veil of Death
    18K 651 37

    Edward Elric is facing physical and mental damage, he's almost at the end of his line, until a certain flame reignites his will to live.

  • Pills and Buttons
    30.7K 1.1K 30

    Edward has been missing for the last five years, not a trace of him left. Roy has been on end all this time, hoping he would be found among the several hundred thousands of homes. Then, as if by a miracle, he is found in a basement with a second girl who was forced to do something drastic to him. Excerpt: "I'm sorry...

  • What Can I Tell You? (RoyEd)
    13K 543 13

    What do you do when someone close to you only has two months left to live? What do you say to someone who doesn't have much time left? What do you do when you find yourself falling in love with them? What do you do when you feel your heart breaking?

  • Roy, Ed, and the Smallest Transmutation Circle Ever Made (A Crackfic)
    5.8K 318 18

    Near death experiences are reminders that life is short. And you better do what you want before it's too late. What Roy wants entails taking a road trip across the country with a certain unrequited love. (Warnings: Strong language, domestic violence, character death.)

  • Double Majoring (RoyEd College AU)
    34.6K 1.3K 25

    "I know what I want- I know what I fucking want! And... it doesn't matter that I don't have the time for anyone else- I don't want to settle for anyone else! Not ever!"

  • Attention (Royed)
    14.2K 357 7

    The small alchemist only wants the Flame Alchemist's attention because he is rather fond of him, no he's in love with him but gets shot down by him when he gives him a note. Roy who doesn't believe that wants to test Edward's loyalty and truth to what he says by building him up than breaking him down. Does Roy feel th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secret Love
    7.5K 136 4

    A Roy x Ed fanfiction Warning: Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse and other gory stuff will appear in this story

  • The Sick Alchemist- A Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction
    29.5K 814 28

    Roy Mustang had many questions. But no question was as unexplainable to as why he was stuck babysitting a sick Alchemist. Nobody asked if he was okay with it, they just dumped him on his couch and left. Now what was he suppose to do? He wasn't fit taking care of him, he's never even been near a sick child before! Pare...

  • Feel It All (Edvy + Royed)
    8.3K 465 44

    Prostitution AU (Modern AU) Edward Elric has lost everything; his mother, his brother Alphonse and unsure if his father is still around, but he could care less since he was never around enough to remember... Or at least he forces himself to think that. He has a mental breakdown that causes him to cut ties with...

  • Roy Mustang X Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchimest)
    2.1K 110 58

    This story was created by Beth and Amiyah. This story was a little joke between us. We decided to make this a real story hope u enjoy.😆

  • 1989 (Royed)
    394 13 7

    Record Shop AU: ''A record shop in this day and age? How vintage...'' A simple outing leads Edward and company to a place that just opened up, a record store. Of course Edward isn't impressed, but eventually finds something that catches his attention...

  • Teach Me to Live
    134 7 2

    A few years after their mother's death, Ed and Al moves from their home town of Resembool to Central City to go to "Silent Prep" Ed was one to study all the time to keep his mind off of what happened. Roy Mustang is Ed's English teacher and once Roy meets Ed he falls for him. Ed also falls for the raven haired man

    23.9K 640 15

    Edward the fullmetal alchemist has to go to ouran highs school because mustang wants Ed to be a normal student.

  • Fullmetal ouran
    10K 363 4

    Cross over of Fullmetal Alchemist, and Ouran highschool host club. Full of anything you want suggest and I shall try to deliver! Ill also say who suggested it and if no one suggest ill just do it my own way! I hope you like it!

  • The Prince And Alchemist (A RoyEd Cinderella AU)
    32K 1.4K 20

    (A Fullmetal Alchemist Cinderella AU) Roy Mustang is a prince in a small kingdom known as Abitarea. Edward Elric, is an alchemist in the kingdom. He lives with his brother Alphonse Elric, Van Hohenhiem (his step dad) and his step sister, Winry. Everything is perfect. But that's the outside look. In reality, Ed's in...

    Completed   Mature
  • To Show Your Pride (RoyEd)
    22.6K 854 14

    "He's the perfect match...." Ed's given a mission to stop the flow of red water. He had thought the situation had been handled, but the water was still there. What started off as a simple mission, escalated into a huge problem. And where does this little problem start? With a boy who has to much Pride.

  • A Musical Prodigy (RoyEd)
    10.4K 984 24

    Edward Elric is one of the most famous Pianist's in Amestris. Only at the age of 15, Ed has made a very good name for himeself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Roy Mustang has never really cared for, or enjoyed music. But his childhood friend, Maes Hughes drags him to a piano competition. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Fallen Metal (Triquel To Saving Broken Metal)
    10.1K 467 17

    They say after a tragedy, life gets better. For Edward Elric, it did. After being tortured for a couple days ruined him. But, Roy Mustang swept Ed off his feet and saved him. Then four months later, an old enemy appears. Roy changes, Ed cracks. But once again, Roy fixed him, the piece of broken metal Ed was. Now, it's...

  • Tourniquet (Royed)
    14.5K 541 17

    The Fullmetal Alchemist is known to hold everything and keep every burden to himself. Along with that he keeps having bad dreams about the transmutation gone wrong causing him not to sleep well. He wonders often if Alphonse hates for being stuck in the suit of armor unable to do anything but won't ask him. The Flame A...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strawberry Gashes (Royed, HavocxEdward, HavocxEdwardxRoy)
    9.9K 289 7

    Trigger warnings: Self harm Edward who is so full of pride and dignity is willing to endure humiliation and pain from Roy and Havoc in exchange for information on the Philosophers Stone, just to find a way to get his brother's body and happiness back. But it all becomes too much for him and finds comfort in the wors...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strange Boy (Edvy + Eventual Royed)
    4.7K 170 9

    This was my first Edvy (EdwardxEnvy) idea, so I have no idea where I'm going with this.

  • RoyEd~Riptide Runaway
    382 26 3

    In this fairytale, the merman named Roy, longs to be on the shores of Amestris where he wishes to walk along the sand with the prince, Edward. The merman makes a deal to become human, but when his prince awaits him he may just find that not everything might have went the way he had dreamed of.

  • Thin Ice (RoyEd) [DISCONTINUED]
    1.1K 47 2

    "Tell me, Edward," His voice was clear, and straight forward. "What does the word, "fly" mean to you?" He knew the answer very well. So why couldn't the words come out of his mouth? Roy Mustang is a skater, looking for some inspiration in his life again. That is, until he found the bright shinning sun, also known as...

  • Metal Heart (Royed)
    1.9K 53 7

    Edward who is usually so cold and tough feels down recently after a series of events. He feels like the world is on his shoulders which he's used to but he deep down knows he's still a kid. He's severely depressed which he keeps from Al and everyone else, but Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang's subordinate can see it but does...

  • A Beautiful Lie (Royed)
    1.1K 54 6

    Who said red was the color of love? Roy Mustang and Edward Elric have a "Perfect" relationship in everyone's eyes. But they don't see the other side to their "Perfect" relationship behind closed doors. They don't see Roy's anger and violent outbursts at times, never laying a hand on the small alchemist till one day...

  • Boots And Boys (Royed)
    7.5K 247 14

    Things take an awkward turn when both Roy and Edward get lost in Central in the night time and end up bumping into one another. Both alchemists have to spend the night together at a nearby shady looking hotel which bothers them both, but aren't given much of an option and decide to deal with it for one night. But litt...

  • Sex For Homework (Edvy + eventual Royed)
    17.8K 791 51

    School AU Edward is struggling to keep his grades up in school, but only because he has Envy and Ling Yao as friends so they keep him constantly distracted from his school work. But all that changes when Roy, his teacher is tired of it and decides to whip him into shape and get him back on track by deciding on tutorin...

  • Dogs Unleashed (Royed)
    6.4K 250 14

    Modern AU: Edward Elric goes to college, but is struggling to pay for his school funds. So he does the next best thing to support his college funds, find a job. He of course finds a job, but at an Adult Goods Store. Young and inexperienced, Edward doesn't understand what the people that walk in the store enjoy about t...

  • For Your Entertainment (Royed)
    6.6K 290 24

    Modern Day AU: Edward isn't your typical 21 year old. He's young, good looking, but inexperienced at life. His brother goes to College, while his roommate Winry works at a coffee shop with her girlfriend Riza Hawkeye. This leaves him without anything to do since they just ask him to take care of the house, he feels lo...

  • Vampire Lover (Royed)
    19.3K 824 50

    Vampire AU: Edward and Al live a normal life, minus the exception where Al is a bit of an vampire enthusiast, which makes Edward shake his head at. "Vampires are nothing but superstition Al." He says simply in ignorance, never realizing that he had caught someone's attention. Roy Mustang only catches a quick g...