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  • Gay Group Chat (Multiple BBS Ships)
    105K 4.2K 62

    WARNING: There will be a lot of gay, typos, and gay typos. You have been warned✨✨

  • Love The Imperfections
    23.3K 1.5K 44

    Craig never talked. He never spoke a word. To communicate with his family he learned sign language and carries around a white bored and marker everywhere he goes. Due to this he doesn't have many friends and gets picked on by everybody, but no matter what name he gets called he stays silent. He's a quiet person. Doesn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Since You've Been Gone (Delitoonz smut)
    574 21 1

    Luke comes home from his trip to New York. Who doesn't want a reunion?

    Completed   Mature
  • College AU
    1K 89 7

    Luke has an invisible roommate that no one believes is real. (Drabbles on a universe where the entire banana bus squad is at college, while still living their youtube lives. Mostly just an excuse to write Delitoonz things..)

  • button-down
    254 19 5

    (Poems about baby Delirious and Cartoonz.) Lullabies | that I sing after dark | and hope | one day you will remember. Maybe | you'll remember | me | when you get older.

  • Something Out There (Brycula)
    1.1K 126 5

    Swag_Dracula was just you're everyday normal vampire. He lived in a world of other creatures, from hybrids, to werewolves, and even mermaids. Dracula thought he knew everything about himself and where he lived-until one day he finds something that could change his life forever. He is determined to find out about this...

  • Fashionista AU
    585 34 2

    They work in the fashion industry. Vanoss is the manager, Delirious is the model, Wildcat is their fashion designer and Cartoonz is their makeup specialist. [Wildcat is fast with his needle and thread, and he's taken to the habit of sticking things into his own clothes.]

  • Sweet Talker
    46.3K 1.5K 23

    Jonathan and Evan have been married for two years. But after two years, Jonathan begins to get bored. Good thing he's a sweet talker.

    Completed   Mature
  • Stones (DeliToonz) *discontinued*
    222 12 3

    cartoonz meets a new fellow gamer in a game called reptillion. they become friends real quick and started doing quests together. but soon, one started falling for the other. then, something in the game's code malfunctioned and now they are stuck in a game, where if you die your dead. Now their objective is to find a...

  • skyfall
    988 46 4

    (Delirious tags along with Cartoonz to a convention and gets spotted. The rest of the guys are convinced Delirious is just a one-night stand and work to set the two of them up.) And he's singing his theme song in the middle of the hallway | where anyone can hear | and know | when you get back from the airport two hour...

  • Lost
    1.6K 188 11

    Jonathan loses something important. Himself.

  • We are Love (delitoonz)
    3.7K 109 11

    Do you ever feel that the person that you want to spend your entire life with is one that has been right by you the whole time?

  • Scarlet Necromancer 「 Delitoonz 」
    518 35 2

    "Not Everything Red Is Associated With Death."

  • Flower Thief (deltoonz) •One-Shot•
    176 19 1

    Luke steals a rose every other month for someone he loves for three years until he gets caught.

  • Never Let Me Go
    1.1K 55 5

    Luke and Jonathan have been friends for over 15 years. Jonathan finally confesses his feelings to Luke...

  • H2O Water Spirit
    1.6K 106 5

    "Are you a ghost..?" Cartoonz asks, not quite sure he isn't still dreaming. "I'm a water spirit," the being corrects. The night is long and heavy and all Cartoonz can make out of him is blue light, and something heavy that hangs off of him.

  • Meeting Cartoonz
    15.2K 528 19

    It honestly all started at Starbucks.

  • Canoe (A YouTuber: DELITOONZ FanFiction)
    1.8K 63 4

    Cartoonz (Luke) invited H2ODelirous for a 'guys-only' camping trip for two weeks, deep in the woods. Delirious decides to go, but after a strange turn of events, Cartoonz begins to realize differences between Delirious, and his sister...and with this, Cartoonz because to test to see where his heart's loyalty truly li...

  • Delitoonz
    9K 320 18

    Delitoonz stuff. H2O Delirious and Cartoonz. (Mostly fluffy drabbles. The nsfw ones are tagged.)

  • Pillow Talk?
    871 36 1

    Pillow talk - The endearing chats taken place after having sex. Delitoonz smut oneshot. WARNING: Daddy kink and fluff... And a lot of swearing

    Completed   Mature
  • Without a Trace
    8.1K 931 36

    "Hey, Ryan?" "Yes, Bryce?" "I miss Jon and Luke." "I do too. That's why we're going to find out what happened to them." -- -- It had started out as a rumor. Just a little story people passed around, nothing more and nothing less. The disappearance of Luke Patterson. Quite the mystery, it was. Here one day, gone...

  • He Was Dying
    33.1K 2.4K 31

    Omega was his name. A silent, peaceful, lonely seven foot tall rabbit living in an abandoned scrap auto yard enclosed by stone and barbed wire-topped walls taller than he. When lost humans enter his yard, Omega is struck with confusion. He doesn't know if to trust these small strangers, to see them as a threat, or as...

    Completed   Mature
  • Subject 666 :||Completed||: {Possibly Being Rewritten}
    16.7K 1K 51

    This is a horrible book and I regret creating this. Luke signed up for something, not knowing what was ahead of him. Apparently, he wasn't the only one that volunteered to do so. They said it was just a test. They said nothing would go wrong. But after the "tests", each of the subjects realized. Thęÿ füčkįñg łįëd.

  • Never Fully Safe - H2OtOoNz ( ON HOLD )
    2.9K 171 10

    A past full of distruction pushed away and locked inside a box in the back of your memory as you turn your life around and things start to look better. But what happens when the person who holds that key shows up and unlocks your box proving your never fully safe from anything.

  • Wonderland AU
    1.7K 81 7

    : "You've come a long way," the cat says. : (Delirious falls into Wonderland, and makes his home there. With Cartoonz and the Hearts, they keep their kingdom safe against the dark things that stalk the night. The Spades have their own share of problems to contend with, and don't always see eye to eye with the Hearts...

  • Adopted By The Ships
    900 64 8

    What happens when two unlikely kids are put into an orphanage and adopted by famous people? Will their lives change for the better or for the worse? Note: I am co-writing this story with @Weirdness4life Cover by @Weirdness4life

  • Standard || Delitoonz
    17K 458 10

    "You fuck nearly every girl you see, but I kiss one girl, and you throw a fit! We're not even together!" "We could be." (Big Thanks to SHADOWPJY for the cover)

  • Love Sick - Delitoonz Fluff
    1.7K 79 1

    Jonathan falls sick and refuses to back down, so Luke cancels his plans and makes the decision to stay over and look after him. However, new plans go awry when Luke begins to feel a little... different. Maybe Jonathan's virus was contagious after all...