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  • Brian's Story
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    An original creepypasta made by KaylaStatic

  • All I Want is Life
    11 2 2

    "I wake up, cold and almost lifeless. Fight back. Fight back the pain. But I can't. Its all finally over." Cassidy Johnson had her life together, up until the night she lost her mother to her intoxicated father. She could never forgive him. Her life became horrible until she met Alex Harrison. Could one boy fix her?

  • My Candyfloss Addiction
    2.1K 1.1K 27

    ❄️A creepo on her trail❄️ Will he remain a creep, or will she get rid of him somehow! ❄️Her best friend like a sister❄️ Asmaa is always there for Umaira. They've been together for soo long. Will life rip them apart or will they stick together?! ❄️A handsome young man❄️ Whose this handsome guy, with memorising, captiva...

  • Smile It's Sunnah!
    11K 3K 40

    This book just contains a whole lot of funny Islamic( anyone can read and understand it, check PS below) pictures or quotes that are hilarious . If you wanna lighten up your day than lucky for you, you are in the right place. Make your face glow with your smile by reading this book. PS: Most probably Muslims will get...

  • Love stories
    63 6 2

    Love comes in different ways . This a book that showcases the different ways people come to love each other.

  • Camouflaged hearts
    36 1 9

    A military soldier finally home. She lives on a ranch with her best friend and her best friend's husband, and many many animals. The soldier hoping she will one day have children since she lost her husband, will life come easy for the 3 of them. S/o to TheStrangestKid006 for helping me write this story. Go follow her...

  • Starlight
    55 1 4

    "Will you go to prom with me?" "What?" "Will you be my date to prom." the most popular boy with a geek like me? Just another cheesy romance, with a spice of mystery to make it better.

  • Time Ticks
    4 0 1

    In a world where everyone knows the exact date of their death, a boy and a girl fall in love. She with precious little time left. He with a secret unknown even to himself that will be their salvation, or their doom.

  • Lonely Moons & Fading Stars
    107 31 8

    "Don't promise me something you can't live up to." I whisper averting my gaze back to the darkening sky. "I'm not like everyone else, Layla. I'm not going anywhere without you." He said confidently my eyes filled with vulnerable tears. And for the first time in a long time I believed in someone, like they did me. "I...

  • Dear, My Thereafter
    691 218 20

    ' ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY' " I stood there as I eyed a unfamiliar black SUV drove up in our drive way, crawling slowly towards us." " She's here honey" I heard my mom said beside me, as she placed a hand around my shoulder and whispered in my ear. " It'd be fine darling, Aunty Terry will take good care good of you."...

  • Fallen Kingdom
    38 3 3

    I hid behind some rumbles, breathing heavily. It has been a few hours, since I've set out to find the truth of the cave. I want to to figure out what draws me into it, my mom refused that I go on my own like this. Yet, after she and dad left for their three-month anniversary vacation I went alone with my pet...

  • My Story (Smile and the world will smile with you)
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    Based on true events. This story talks about my childhood from eleven years old till twenty-one, I'll tell you the story of my past, how it was tough for me to fit in and have friends. How I pretend that I am alright but I am not alright. Only one person in my family, had always lifted my spirit up whenever she came t...

  • An Officer and Vampires Love(Reader x Vampire OC'S)
    444 9 9

    In this story, you recently joined the NYPD, (New-York Police Department) and you met the famous, attractive and mysterious police officers Johnathan and William Ross. But both of them have a dark secret in them......They are vampires..... WARNING!!! THERE ARE SOME PARTS THAT ARE SCARY, SO IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SCARY PAR...

  • Fallen Kingdom *Old*
    118 0 16

    Aliena Greyfield a normal teenage with special gifts has lived her life near in British Columbia, Fallon Town (Invented town). Though, Aliena curiosity had discover the Autobots and soon many things happened in her life, will she survived whatever happened to her...

  • Rebellious Age
    318 248 7

    Maddie Dale is living her rebellious age at the age of 13, facing her parents and her bullies. Maddie will have a fight with her parents and so she will sneak out of her house in the middle of the night to clear her mind, but then she will get kidnapped by the Dark Community and then she will be part of them. Maddie i...

  • Guilty of Mercy.
    1.1K 58 40

    "You wanted to meet me?" I said marching in his office. He spins his chairs around an looks at me. "It's about time," he said. "Yeah well when you start kidnapping my gang I didn't really see another option," I said crossing my arms he gets up and walks over to me. "Your boyfriend is fine," he said. I rolled my eye...

  • The Story Of Chloe Woods
    495 180 22

    Chloe is an ordinary girl with two best friend . What happens when her mom gets a transfer and changes school back to her former area with mean girls and fake friends as she completes high school.Would she be able to find real friends Meet Xavier has a shitty attitude ,rich ,jerk and douche bag all but most of all ho...

  • My Best Friends Brother
    184 11 8

    You are Betty. You have been best friends with Veronica since you were five. Y'all have told each other everything but she has left one thing out. How could she not tell you she has a brother? What happens next? Read to find out

  • nine days
    105K 5.4K 14

    ❝ Give me nine days ❞ a boy trying to stop a girl from committing suicide by showing her how beautiful life is in nine days. + #697 ; short-story [ 8. 22. 16 ] #232 ; short story [ 8. 24. 16 ] #443 ; short story [ 8. 27. 16 ] #182 ; short story ...

  • Dil Jaanta Hai | ✔
    525K 49.8K 81

    ■WATTPAD INDIA AWARDS 2019 WINNER■ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀▪︎● ● ●▪︎ For the Delhi Tycoons' kids, life has always been too challenging, and it's no different for Arvika Deewan. It's not everyday that her divorced mother remarries another business man, and there definitely won't be a day that she would be ready to accept that. The...

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  • The About Me Book/watt Diary
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    So as I get more and more questions I decided to make one So this is a place to question me about me or my books Also I love Ellen_Reese and you should go love her too and she made one and yeh sorry Ellen

  • My Thoughts
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    My thoughts have cured me more than medicine ever could... the same time.... My thoughts have destroyed me more than blades ever could....

  • What is a Women??
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    All about women.....

  • See You Again
    32K 1.8K 44

    Sandra Prescott has her life all planned out. When things go off script, a moment of emotion almost takes her life, landing her in a coma. Unlike her sister, Ella, she does not believe in spirituality and is shocked to find herself stuck between dead and alive. All she wants is her perfect life back. Confined to a pla...

  • Romeo_Juliet
    138 45 3

    The Romeo Juliet of Shakespeare contains a love story with all possible tragic experience.... This story is about couple of friends for a longer period of time turned to what they really made for.... Shakespeare's story ends with all sadness but here fight between survival and death....

  • Perfection
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  • The Damned
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    An anthology of dark poetry. [Disclaimer: All the images used in this book do not belong to me. All rights are reserved to their respective owners.] [Warning: May contain anxiety/blood/demons/suicide and mentions of death. Please be mindful of potential triggers.]

  • Tommy's Wife (A Kidnapped By Cannibals Fan Book)
    38K 827 24

    This is a story about Tommy's girl hence the tittle. In this Tommy is the oldest. It's based off the story kidnapped by cannibals so some things may seem the same. I DO NOT OWN THE BOOK 'KIDNAPPED BY CANNIBALS' MASONFITZZY OWNS IT. PLEASE READ THEIR BOOK FIRST. Also I'm not gonna put multiple warnings. This is the...

  • Night Terror
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    A short story

    Completed   Mature