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  • Breaking the Barrier
    427K 18.6K 71

    Jayden was one of the most coldest gang leaders to ever walk the streets, He was adored by some, feared by many and loved by none. His once small group of delinquents turned into a notorious gang that ran the city of Atlanta, when a shoot out with the local police results to a hostage situation. Within the long ride o...

  • Dream Girl | Omeeka
    339K 9.9K 49

    After dreaming of this moment for years Rapper Meek Mill finally gets a chance at love with one of the most esteemed women in Hip-Hop, Nicki Minaj. Will past baggage trump the endless possibilities or will his dreams finally be fulfilled? An Omeeka Story. © Blue__Dream @OmeekaRoyal

    Completed   Mature
  • It Takes A Little Love
    48.4K 2.5K 32

    Onika Maraj is a 15 year old Freshmen at a new highschool. She makes a few friends and gains a girl named Rihanna, as a best friend. They go through many stuggles in their lives, but will their friendship last?

  • Hood Love
    70.3K 3.3K 57


    Completed   Mature
  • Life is but a Dream
    9.6K 484 11

    What they gon do? Meek and Nic

  • omeeka: book 2
    6.7K 256 6

    this is book two : ) enjoy!

  • OMEEKA: Real Love
    43K 1.7K 19

    Just read to find out !

  • Bad For You
    25.8K 1.4K 28

    Nick has entered a new journey in her life ever since the whole safaree mishap. With rihmeek, she couldn't ask for better. But Many things go downhill, can the Omeeka could pull through with all the complications? Read it!

  • To Love and Be loved
    510K 18K 120

    Nicki is a successful therapist with the perfect life. She is married to a wealthy lawyer Terrance. Her and Terrance met in college and got married right after graduation. They had what every couple dreamed of on the outside. Meek use to be the king of the streets until he got locked up for 5 years. He knew nothing b...

  • Fly Mouth
    153K 6.4K 30

    A story about control ... Ever loved two people? Meek does things different than most but loves Nicki more than anything in the world. - Everything that glitters ain't gold

    Completed   Mature
  • Still Surviving: Omeeka
    192K 8.9K 41


  • It Will Always Be You
    102K 5.6K 40

    Robert... or Meek as his closest friends call him, is in a good, healthy relationship with his fiancé, and girl of 6 years: Lauren. Meek owns his own company and as the money rolls in, so does the problems. Months later, Nicki, Meek's ex of 8 years, makes an appearance back into his life. The only problem with that...

  • Omeeka:The Hills
    56.3K 1.8K 47

    Meek Mill,a rapper from Philly had a dreamgirl since 2010.That dreamgirl was Nicki Minaj✨.What will happen when they see each other as friends one day,and the next day,a new couple called Omeeka?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Secret Love Affair of Omeeka (Student/Teacher Love)
    12.8K 574 11

    Onika is a shy loving person who doesn't know how to accept love because she doesn't have much experience with it herself. Robert is in a marriage he isn't even sure he wants to be in anymore and he feels his wife was never really in love with him to start. What happens when these two meet? Will they be able to learn...

  • You Should Stay Right Now.
    19.4K 871 32

    Onika Tanya Maraj, 19 year old intelligent girl working her way to support her family, but she has issues of her own. She starts to fall in and out of love with this hard core gangster while dating her boyfriend Safaree when she doesn't know who to chose.

  • The Upcoming Of Omeeka
    71.4K 2.5K 34

    Completed   Mature
  • omeeka
    92.6K 3.3K 39

    a story about meek mill and Nicki minaj.

  • He's My Boss (An Omeeka Story)
    78.7K 3.9K 29

    Meek and Nic ! Just read to find out !