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  • The Tributes of Twelve | Newt x Reader
    126K 4.4K 38

    (y/n) (y/l/n). A girl from the Seam in District Twelve. She lives under the control of the Capitol with her father and younger brother Chuck. She has avoided the Hunger Games her entire life and has instead focused on putting food on her family's table, but the odds aren't always in her favour. Newt. A boy from the to...

  • The Transfers of Dauntless | Newt x Reader
    30.3K 1.2K 20

    (y/n) (y/l/n). A girl from the selfless faction of Abnegation. She lives under the control of Abnegation with her father and younger brother Chuck. She has always imagined her future as one in her original faction, but finds she begins to doubt her plans more and more as she grows older. Newt. A boy from the kind fact...

  • TBS and Characters Imagines//requests open
    4.6K 102 15

    Just some imagines about Thomas Brodie-Sangster and some of his characters. Feel free to request

  • ninjago : I hate you { jaya fanfic Book 1 }
    22K 777 42

    I DONT OWN THE CHARACTERS , OR THE PICTURES I JUST OWN THE STORY AND PLOT 5 innocent girls get enrolled in the 'school of bad' , where they meet the worst of the worst , the schools most famous worst and evil boys ... This book is not only jaya ! It is also about the other ships , but mostly on jaya

  • Coliel a ninjago love story
    297 8 3

    this is the love story of Cole and Seliel

  • Ninjago Galaxy Warriors
    3.6K 186 16

    A long time ago, 6 royalty kids were sent to earth from their parents in order to be protected by evil. 6 royal planet charms were kept with Wu in order to find the Galaxy Warriors.

  • Infant Accident - Ninjago Fanfiction
    3.7K 129 15

    Skylar, Seliel and Nya got a call from Pixal that she helped Cyrus Borg create a new invention that can turn someone invisible. When she turned it on, the machine malfunctioned and turned the girls into toddlers. When Mr. Borg discovered this, he wanted to run to the ninjas but if he did, they will never forgive them...

  • The Ninjago Kingdom | AU
    2.8K 124 9

    This is the English version of my story "O Reino de Ninjago", so it will be just the same as it in another language, so you who don't speak Portuguese can read! Hope you enjoy! What if... Ninjago was a kingdom? The Ninjago Kingdom is governed by Mays and Ray, who have two children: Kai, the best warrior of all. I...

  • The Final Battle // Book 2 of Ninjago High School
    22.2K 580 29

    Book Two, following on from Ninjago High School. So the Ninja have there elemental powers, the over lord is revealed, a dance is held and a battle is for told. Who will win? Who will lose? Who is forgiven? Who is forgotten? So many questions, yet so few answers. Only time will tell........

  • Ninjago: New way of the Ninja {DISCONTINUE}
    8.6K 238 32

    What if things happen earlier or things never happen. What if the ninja meet each other when they see in highschool. They are always together in trouble or in good ways. Even though they have many challenges in school,they always solve it when they were together. Sometimes trolling or pranking each other for fun. I do...

  • Call me Nya [Complete]
    12.6K 584 18

    Ninjago AU: Antonia (Toni) Smith is a high school student in her final year, who has just stated working part-time at the local comic book store. She generally enjoys her job and gets on well with the customers, if it just wasn't for the annoying son of a famous movie star... Cover by @Sopherloafer

  • Ninjago Jay x Nya Stories
    12.5K 249 14

    Just some romance/Jaya stories you can also request scenarios but just no boy x boy or girl x girl Ninjago only please also to give u a note: this story is appropriate(no sexual, suicidal, swearing/bad words) ok, none of that Requests are currently open Ok, Enjoy!)

  • Alone and scared
    502 17 2

    Kai has lost his mother and father now he is running their shop. He has to take care of this younger sister Nya.

  • Ninjago Texts
    258 10 4

    Need I say more? ____ Started- 24th August

  • Ninjago: HIGH SCHOOL
    45K 910 23

    What happens when you throw all the Ninja, plus a few extra famillier faces, some unknown, mysterious elemental powers, romance, comedy and a butt load of homework into one cauldron? Well let's see..... I don't own Ninjago or the ninja, I only own the plot *EDITING*

  • My Baby Boyfriend {DISCONTINUED}
    12.4K 230 17

    The Ninja went on a mission one day and they got... well no one knows what happened but the ninja DE-AGED! With all the ninja as babies, who's gonna look after Ninjago and, more importantly, the ninja! ------------ I DO NOT OWN NINJAGO. NINJAGO IS OWNED BY LEGO, THE ONLY THING I OWN IS THE IDEA OF THE STORY. MOST CHAR...

  • Ninjago's Dead
    3K 170 26

    Based off the walking deads storyline and ninjago characters. This is a crossover between the walking dead and lego ninjago. FYI there will be lots of Jaya The zombie apocalypse has fallen upon Ninjago except, the ninja are all normal kids with no powers and have never met. Join them on a journey to find a cure to st...

  • Another Way Back [Complete]
    9.5K 254 6

    "Wha-what did you just say?" Nya asked, her teary eyes wide open in surprise. Nadakhan dropped the Sword of Souls and looked at the Blue Ninja in shock. But Jay was confused. He didn't understand what was going on here. Only when he heard those five words, he realised what had just happened: "Your wish... is yours to...

  • Claire
    2K 76 20

    Claire has been alone since she was 7. She was abandoned when she was very little, but she has a locket with a picture of her brother, Jay. She has been living on the streets, trying to survive on her own. When Cole finds her and tries to help her, can he reveal her past? What he doesn't know, is that she has a connec...

  • Virus
    9.6K 357 23

    Prepare for the Worst re-write "People of Ninjago City!! There's been a virus that's reached us!!" "I've made the executive decision to call a City Evacuation!!" "Repeating!!" "All Ninjago Citizens must leave!! This is a City Evacuation!!" "If this virus takes its toll on a human being it-" Jay clicks the TV screen of...

  • Baby Bolt
    48.4K 1.3K 15

    Jay goes on a mission by himself and encounters a mysterious plant that has very odd affects when eaten. Ranked #231 in Ninjago 5/11/18

  • Ninjago - One-shots and short Stories
    170K 4.1K 110

    A collection of Ninjago one-shots and short stories (2-4 chapters). Canon characters and ships only. No x OC or x Reader. Lots of Jaya ?. Thanks to @Sopherloafer for making the cover (images are not mine). Disclaimer: I do not own Ninjago.

  • Ninjago Daughter Scenarios
    395K 11.2K 101

    You are the daughter of the ninja. the master of spinjitzu the fearleass but funny girl. be prepared to read the story of your life being daddy's little girl

  • Related
    4.9K 279 31

    What if the ninja were related? The craziest of life attack this family. What will they do? What will happen?

    4.1K 107 5

    this is a sequel to Ninjago Daughter Scenarios but it will mostly be about your boyfriend and highschool drama

  • Never a Dull Moment: Ninjago
    17.9K 1.1K 66

    We focused our attention on the Green Ninja once again. He stopped the girl in green. " wanna get....water? Or coffee? Or go eat butter or something like peanuts....or stuff?" He really, really is....I don't even know anymore. It's so embarrassing I don't even want to watch. Lloyd tried to fix his butter s...

  • For my sister
    5.7K 254 9

    {COMPLETED BOOK} Nya is diagnosed with a disease. There have been no records on this disease and there's no cure.. Well.. there is a cure, the cure comes from Kai and Nya's father. But their father have no medicine for it. So Kai and Skylor go to the past to find the medicine before it's to late. Everything for his...

  • Hell's Fire {Ninjago fanfic}
    49.7K 1.5K 18

    Kai had always been jealous of Lloyd. After all that kid had become the green ninja. Deep down in his heart,Kai had always kept a secret hatred for Lloyd; he should've been the green ninja, not Lloyd. Now that he had the Staff of Elements he could feel those forbidden emotions bubble back up to the surface.....