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  • Living Grey [ A TGGBB FANFIC ]
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    She found The colors to paint him Where the world Had left him grey *** Where everyone's life was turned upside, he helped them laugh. When everything he ever loved was taken away from him, he still smiled. No color in his life, Except one Except Her *** Looking at The Good Girl's Bad Boy, from the grey side. B...

  • TGGBB One-shots
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    One girl, three guys, one base, one school and one Article 15, Section 5 (which technically is void, but no one really cares). I mean, what could go wrong, right? - A series of one-shots revolving around the characters of the amazing series The Good Girl's Bad Boys, it may contain drunk cool people, rich people who s...

  • TGGBB one-shots
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    These are just a few one-shots based off of my most favorite Wattpad book of all time, The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Good, The Bad and The Bullied, or, shortly, TGGBB. The ships I will do in this book of one-shots will be: Benomi Jeclan Parkomi(for those few believers) And then the other boys x Naomi ships probably so...

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    First, credits to whoever made the cover. I stumbled on it while searching for a good tggbb cover Second, Also credits to Rubix (I forgot the numbers! sorry) for the characters. read her/his book first 😊 its really good 👌 scratch that, its the best! - tired of waiting for an update? heres a one shot to bennomi fans...

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys Fanfic
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    "It's simple," Jordan says, grabbing a chip off of Delcan's tray. Delcan glares at him, but he doesn't seem to notice. "We'll be your bad boys and you'll be our good girls." Naomi groans. "Jordan, I swear, if I find out you made a contract, I'll-" "I made a contract!" Jordan exclaims, obviously not hearing what Naom...

  • The Alternate Ending; The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Good The Bad And The Bullied
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    The alternative version of The Good Girl's Bad Boys: The Good The Bad And The Bullied. I wrote this for a project at school, with permission of the author.

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys Oneshots & Preferences
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    I love The Good Girl's Bad Boys by RubixCube89201, so I decided to make a book of one shots and preferences of Naomi, Bennett, Jordon, and Declan. One for all, and all for one! Characters you want to see? Ideas you'd like to suggest? Genre like romance or angst? Preferences you want me to do? Any specific AUs you...

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys One Shots
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    Their life doesn't ALL go down in the original book. Read fan fiction I created. In the comments, tell me some ideas that i may use in the book. Enjoy!