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  • Someday Maybe [ON HOLD]
    23.3K 1.2K 16

    Teddy and Birdy up against the world of the music industry.

  • Where We Were [ON HOLD]
    2.1K 141 6

    Where Bobbi and Theo's epic love story began and how the Wild Wallflowers conquered the music industry. Every band has to start somewhere. The Wild Wallflowers started out as four friends playing every gig they could land and touring around in a minivan. Everything changes when they land the biggest gig of all: openi...

  • Go Home, Anne Marie [ON HOLD]
    17.8K 946 15

    Anne Marie spends the summer after graduation with the grandmother she's never met down in Charleston.

  • Home For Christmas [COMPLETED]
    31.4K 2.9K 21

    After having left her small town life behind two years before, Ivy returns to the idyllic village of Haven just in time for the holidays. She just forgot one thing. She isn't the only one coming home for Christmas. When the streets she knows so well are filled with familiar faces, Ivy will have to finally face her pas...

  • I'll See You Soon [COMPLETED]
    5.7K 331 18

    It's not easy being in a long distance relationship. When one of half of that couple happens to be in a band that travels all over the world it makes it even harder. Follow Mia and Jay as they work hard to stay together and stay in love as Mia pursues her career and Jay pursues fame. ***** Make sure to read the auth...