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  • The Dragneel Affair | NaLu
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    Austrian Empire, 1805 Lucy Heartfilia is the daughter of a well known and wealthy man, Count Jude Heartfilia. She grew up in long dresses and satin ribbons. She had everything she wanted except someone to share it with. Napoleon is one of the most powerful men in Europe. Austria's at war and Russia has agreed to help...

  • His Cinderella | NaLu
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    Natsu is the prince of Fiore. Lucy is a servant. How do they fall in love? I do not own any of the character, Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima *CURRENTLY BEING EDITED* Originally Written; Winter - Spring '14/'15 Edited; Spring - Summer '17

  • Fairy Tail: My Trainer (Nastu x Lucy)
    167K 4.2K 19

    Lucy Heartfilia has had a rough time in life. Her first marriage was a failure due to Laxus' unfaithfulness, they divorce on bad terms and guilt fills Lucy once she finds out of his death. Her father is the only person she can say is the most important to her, so she listens to his advice. "Go out more, Lucy." And win...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just My Luck [NALU]
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    #1 IN LUCKYFRIYAY #7 IN LUCK. #7 IN UNLUCKY. #5 IN NOTORIOUS. #63 IN NOT CLICHE. I LOVE YOU ALL ~ <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~ I scoffed, turning to face him, my arms crossed. "I don't need you to help me with it." I insisted. He chuckled, raising an eyebrow at me. "From what I see, you're only done with the first and you've g...

  • Big girls don't cry (completed)
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    Lucy and Juvia are being threatened and hurt by an evil caped figure who wants to destroy Fairy Tail. The girls must stay strong as they can't tell a soul, training non stop causing them to have no time for their family and friends in the guild. Join the girls on their adventure in heart break, sadness and sacrifice...

  • The One That Got Away✔️
    2.9K 148 24

    A NALU FANFICTION Lucy and Natsu have never showed their "true" feeling towards one another. You see, they're stuck in this awkward position that isn't quite comfortable but it is at the same time. When Lucy leaves the guild in hopes to get stronger for her guild, she doesn't return. Natsu grows worried and goes out l...

  • A lone wolf who's no longer alone
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    Natsu ran away with his future mate Lisanna to make a new start but great tragic was upon them when Natsu watched his mate die in front of him from the scientists who tried to kidnap them and do experiments but Natsu quickly got away but ever since then it's been hard for Natsu to get close to anyone else so he stayed...

  • Unforgettable Love • NaLu •
    92.6K 3.6K 20

    Former Title: The Lost Memories... " Even though my mind forgotten about you , my heart couldn't ... Or I'd rather say it wouldn't ..." He suddenly disappear , she just wait . 3 years have passed she's still waits hoping he'd come back until she heard a news that really break her . Another 2 years have passed , He cam...

  • The Guardian and The Priestess
    234K 9K 24

    On the exact day of her 18th birthday, Lucy Heartfilia got pulled from the world she known and lived. Lucy was sent to an unfamiliar dimension, where her mother declared as her hometown. Fiore. A random kingdom that allows angels, demons, witches and so much more to coexist. Where girls were blessed with powers and bo...

  • Crying never after
    22.7K 956 11

    Dear Mama, Ever since I was a kid, I've always dreamed of my wedding with the love of my life. Extravagant church. More than three layers of cake for my dear friend Erza Scarlet. My best friend, Levy-chan, being my maid of honor. An eye-catching and jaw-dropping wedding gown that could put my future husband to tears. ...

  • have it your way (nalu fanfiction)
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    Lucy Heartfilia has lost all hope, with her mother gone and being abused by her father. She thinks she will never have peace or a safe place and comfort. She thought she was all alone and had no one to understand her. Until Natsu Dragneel comes into the picture and turns Lucy's world back around, and helps mend her br...

  • •( Red Eyes )•
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    In a world revolving around ones eye color, Lucy and Natsu rebel against an evil force. Lucy's story starts now!!! Don't even look at the cover. I'm discussed with this crap I tried to make. And I can't fix it at the moment cuz all the apps I use for covers are being dicks, so.

  • Book One:I'm the Payment on my Dad's Debt (NaLu ~)
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    " you're going to be the payment on my debts to him ... " A simple girl named Lucy Heartfilia became the payment on her Dad's debt to a young , cold hearted , mean , carefree , gleefully , caring , cute , multi-billionaire , handsome guy . The only reason why he suggest to her father that she became the payment instea...

  • Subway Crush •NaLu•✔
    174K 8.1K 19

    Note: This story will probably make you feel a roller coaster ride of emotions :) Lucy fell in love with the guy she always ride a train with, but what if something happens that makes her change her daily routine. HighestRank: #57 in Humor DateStarted:04-01-15 DateFinished:01-24-16

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    (REWRITING) lucy heartfilia: the girl who hates celebrities. natsu dragneel: the leader of one of the most famous bands in the world. lucy is in for the ride of a lifetime. Was once #113 in fanfiction

  • Don't forget us. (Fairy Tail/nalu fanfic)
    3.9K 135 8

    Natu and Lucy went missing after two weeks. Natsu, Lucy and Happy went on a mission but didn't came back. Weeks past and everyone got really worried. Only Happy returned after 3 weeks. One of his wings whas broken and he didn't wanted to talk about what whas going on. The only thing he said whas: ''They are going to p...

  • Fairy Tail Fanfic:Lucy Secret
    131K 2.6K 17

    She join the guild fairy tail,fairy tail will find out her power when someone came to guild and broke lucy seal.but they will not know her secret being apocalypse princess.natsu and lucy will meet sabertooth member in crocus and at the guild sabertooth member Rufus,sting,rogue and orga talks about the girl they saw an...

  • The promise made but never kept
    322K 12.3K 58

    My name's Lucy. Seventeen years old. I live a simple and normal life. I live with my mom while my dad lives on the other side of the planet. Don't get me wrong, my family and I are extremely close. I was sent to Japan for a reason. I was brokenhearted. It's been almost three years. I wear classic baggy pants and loos...

  • Just Study Buddies
    325K 13.4K 51

    A 17 year old girl named Lucy Heartfilia joins a new school. While lost in the hall way a boy bumps into her and falls on her. They become close friends but his girlfriend doesn't like Lucy... Lucy gets in huge trouble with the girls at school! She meets plenty of friends along the way, but soon she'll regret it! See...

  • Coffee Shop {a Nalu Novel}
    129K 5.9K 18

    Lucy, a rather new student at Fairy Tail High, spends most of her time in one specific location: the Coffee Shop. --- Most say it's just for the coffee and the sweat smell of pastries... Or even hanging out with her new friends. But in reality, it's for a certain rosy haired boy who sits in a small little booth at the...

  • Distracted. // Sting x Lucy // NaLu
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    First Day of the Grand Magic Games and Sabertooth wants to win to become ultimate. For this to happen they send Sting to distract Lucy during the games, spending time together, and to make her not focused on the games too really slow down their team but what happens when Sting really falls in love with her, how will N...

  • Cold hearted bastards
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    Lucy Heartfilia and Juvia Lockser are one of the most prettiest girl in the Fairytail Guild. But what happens if their boy friends (Nastu Dragneel and Gray Fulbuster) suddenly breaks up with them?! And they don't give a reason why. So The 2 girls. Leave the guild, get stronger and joins another guild. They find love a...

  • My Mistake
    127K 3.4K 27

    When Lucy gets pregnant by Nastu she doesn't know what to do because she thought Lisanna was his mate. So the only thing she thought was to run. Somehow someone found out Lucy was pregnant with Natsu's kids and is after her. Will she go back to Fairytail for help? Or Get caught trying to hide? I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL...

    Completed   Mature
  • (NaLu) It was always you
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    It's about 7 years past the Grand magic games and they're all now technically adults. Everyone on team Natsu is now an S Class wizard and pesky mating season is starting but has a plot twist especially for Natsu that's going to change everything. (Lemons in later chapters of your not a fan I'll let you know ahead of t...

  • I Will Find You My Love
    118K 4.3K 30

    Lucy finally had the courage to run away from her abusive fiancé. She later runs into a long time friend who volunteered to help and protect her but little do they know, Sting, being the fiancé, has been on desperate search just to get his Lucy back. (Contains Adult Language, Situations and Contains lemons) (BEWARE)

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't go - I love you
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    Lucy and Natsu never felt anything towards them besides friends, but what happens when they are forced together to go a mission that only they can go on. After they they tell each other their feelings and fall in love what happens when Lisanna returns, is Nalu bound to never happen or will love break through any force.

  • The Playboy and The New Girl
    202K 5.5K 17

    Meet Natsu the play boy of Fairy Tail High. Natsu Dragneel is the most popular boy in school. He plays with every girls heart. What if one particular girl changes that? Lucy Heartfillia a new student at FTH. She became popular in no time and the play boy of the school trys flirting with her. She hates nothing more tha...

  • I'll be here for you
    75.2K 2.1K 10

    Lucy. Lucy is a student at Fairy Tail High, and is bullied by people, simply because they are jealous. Natsu. Natsu is an average kid, going to the same school as Lucy. When Lucy meets Natsu, what will happen?! Read to find out! FAIRY TAIL BELONGS TO HIRO MASHIMA

  • Stars [Completed]
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    Never fall in love with a star, No matter how pretty they may seem So far away they shall gleam. Never fall in love with a star, For you love them with a great fire But you're only a fleeting desire Never fall in love with a star, For come daybreak, A widower they shall make. Never fall in love with a star, Trust me...

  • Taste my Pain (Fairy Tail)
    1.3M 37.1K 95

    Lisanna has returned from Edolas and somehow she became close friends with Lucy. But, everyone then suddenly bullies the poor blonde which leaves her in a tight situation. Being kicked out of Team Natsu and severely hurt by their actions; Lucy leaves Fairy Tail where she trains herself to become stronger to get her r...