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  • Undercover Billionaire
    121K 4.5K 18

    Erik Lander is a well known billionaire with a deadline. A deadline to get married at the end of the year, but how can he find a woman to love him for who he is, not for his fame and wealth? He comes up with a plan, will it work? Jessica-Mae Burke is studying medicine, hoping to become a doctor. She falls in love w...

  • La Diavolo's Regina
    289K 7.5K 37

    "The Devil is scary, but so is his queen." ~Diandra Sicario Diandra has the innocent look of an angel. Her pure facial features made her seem so naive. But she was anything but that. She had hung with monsters that lurk in the dark. She has secrets that can make the devil look like a saint. After all she was his wife...

  • Till I Found You (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)
    1.4K 206 22

    "I never knew love existed till you came into my life" ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Ariana is a sweet young lady who walks in to find her boyfriend with another woman. Any normal person would confront them but she decided to leave. Now she wants revenge... Enters Leo. A blast from the past. He once walked away from Ariana but now he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Best Mistake
    41.3K 1.5K 41

    When different worlds collide When two broken people meet Victoria Miles She never thought she would meet a heartless, cold-hearted man like him But she never thought that he's actually the one that she's looking for #1 in drugcartel (4/9/20) #8 in coldhearted (8/15/20) #2 in italian (12/4/21) ⚠English is not my fir...

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidentally Kidnapped
    6.1M 332K 54

    When 17 year old November Jones accidentally burns off her left eyebrow in a freak accident, she brushes it off. Nothing a bit of makeup can't fix, right? But when she finds herself shoved into the backseat of her own car as a couple of very big, very bad, and very dangerous-looking men drive off with it, things can...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tell me a Picture Tale
    2.3K 313 15

    A new kind of plotting without words

  • Falling For Him Anyway
    3M 87.8K 80

    Gwendolyn was different. There was no doubt about it. She was told constantly by her friends that she had a body to die for. She was sarcastic and was never one to entertain the circus. If she had something to say she would say it. After being cheated on by her ex, exacting revenge on him, and being harrased by the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dark King's Doll
    390K 1.2K 6

    #343 6/6/17 in Romance ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠Beware this book is pretty shitty with tons of grammatical errors. ?Dark Romance; mature content: violence,strong language, age-gap and abuse. ?⚫?⚫? "Thats what you did. You used me and broke me like a doll.You are a monster who can never be loved." She said, her expressions blank. Her ey...

  • One of the Bullied | ✔
    266K 22K 55

    Upon the arrival of an exchange student, Zoe begins to receive strange notes from an ally: someone who really wants to keep themselves hidden, and someone who definitely shouldn't be writing to Zoe. // There may be many kinds of people in the world, but in Zoe's, only two exist: the bullies and the bullied. Being...

  • The 12th Kiss
    5.5M 254K 39

    "Cinderella had till midnight, I have twelve kisses to win back my prince's heart," John wants Metilda to end their marriage.He believes that he has fallen in love with another woman. Metilda agrees but she has one condition. John must kiss her every afternoon in-front of their son for twelve da...