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  • Bughead 💘 | Wattys2017
    232K 5.3K 40

    A distraught Betty doesn't tell her parents that Jughead has secretly been staying in her bedroom since he had no place else to live. Betty is also on the lookout for where her sister Polly went, along with who might have murdered Jason Blossom. Through Bettys deepest and darkest times and fears, Jughead is there for...

  • Bughead One-shots
    87.3K 353 10

    You can't have one without the other: "I love you, Betty Cooper." Fair warning, some of these Oneshots do contain mature subjects!

  • The internship
    110K 2K 14

    Jughead is a lonely billionaire who only has his staff as company. When he hires a new librarian as an internship he falls for her. Betty's is a small town girl in collage who has applied for a job as a private librarian. As she does so she meets jughead the millionaire playboy. Will Betty just be another one of Jug...