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  • !Logan Paul One Shots!
    8.4K 80 8


  • You Had Me At Hello (Logan Paul fanfic)
    13.9K 272 5

    "Hey" "Hi" She needs him.

  • Why Don't We Imagines
    4.5K 93 19

    I'm moving all of my WDW imagines here instead of my old Logan Paul imagines

  • RIVERDALE: Imagines
    92.8K 937 11

    Short imagines on the characters from the CW show Riverdale.

  • The Bad Shot And Twice The Bad Shot
    3.4K 72 6

  • Billy's Twin Sister (A Spencer Boldman Fanfic)
    5.5K 82 9

    What would happen if Billy Unger have a Twin Sister named Sarah Marisa Unger? When Sarah experience a terrible break up, Billy helps her though it by the company of having someone to love. But when their parents decided that it would be nice to have Sarah hang out on Lab Rats set so that she can spend more time with h...

  • Imagines
    25.6K 59 6

    This is a book were I will do imagines for any of the following fandoms: Lab Rats, Mighty Med, LREF, Marvel Comics, DC comics, the hunger games, divergent, Switched At Birth, Star Wars, and more. To request an imagine Private Message me with the following: *Characters Name *Fandom *Characters included *If you want to...

  • Spencer Boldman Imagines
    11.5K 116 5

    These stories are all about Spencer Boldman. The good and bad times of the relationship. Enjoy though

  • Spencer Boldman imagines*warning: may be dirty*
    14.9K 85 7

    Just some cute/dirty imagines about Spencer Boldman!

  • Smutty Chapters and One Shots -for vine boy books only-
    4.3K 35 2

    all of the smutty chapters for my vine boys books.

  • Mine: a Gally Fanfic (the maze runner) DISCONTINUED
    258K 7.6K 32

    "I'm fine Gally. Just leave me alone." He shakes his head in defiance, looking deep into my eyes. "I can't do that y/n, you know I can't." He groans painfully. What the hell is he on about? I begin to get even more angry, "And why's that?" I raise my eyebrows in both curiosity and confusion. He pauses for a moment...

  • Gally x reader SMUT
    443K 7K 50

    Gally x reader (from the Maze Runner); No longer writing but leaving up because some people like it.

  • Maze Runner Imagines
    1.1M 17.3K 74

    A bunch of one shots or imagines of characters from The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Among these are Thomas, Newt, Minho, Gally, and sometimes Alby, Chuck, and yes, Frypan. I really hope you like it!

    607K 11.6K 41

    NEWT MINHO THOMAS GALLY ALBY (occasionally) This is pretty much just a big collection of fluffy imagines

  • The first time I met Stiles Stilinski { A DYLAN O'BRIEN SMUT/FANFICTION }
    17.3K 211 4

    You arrive in Beacon Hills after your mother gets a new boyfriend. You are forced to go to Beacon Hills High School and you are not excited. Until you meet the most extraordinary sexy boy. Stiles Stilinski . You instantly fall in love . Read to find out what happens next...

  • Forgotten love | Thomas x reader
    88.2K 1.9K 20

    Title says^^^^

  • An Old Memory (Stiles x reader)
    6.9K 294 4

    This book as a collaboration with the amazing babe @x_setsailstydia_x Y/N moves to beacon hills in order to find an alpha by the name of Scott McCall. When she find finds him she finds her old elementary enemy, Stiles Stilinski. When she starts falling for stiles, he goes missing and in the process of finding her love...

  • [completed] little sister; alex ernst
    20.9K 443 15

    a story of how an accidental adoption by his bestfriend (David Dobrik) can change his life. There will not be any shipping besides David and Liza and Scott and Kristen for now (maybe Gabbie and Zane if it's heavily requested)

  • Alex Ernst X Reader
    7.2K 67 4

    I love Alex Ernst

  • Vlog Squad Imagines
    47.3K 517 9

    Was previously an Alex Ernst Imagines, but I wanna make it a Vlog Squad one, cuz, I love them all

  • because of you ↬ a.ernst [discontinued]
    21.7K 563 9

    in which the lives of two renowned viners collide at Vidcon and everything is completely and utterly twisted... for the better. alex and johanna instantly clicked like some sort of destined friendship, but falling for each other, that was not planned. © han 2016

  • Similar Love (Alex Ernst X Reader)
    9.9K 193 5

    Ok Guys... here is another story that I might write until the 4th chapter than disappear again.. but I'll try to finish this one.. Just comment what you think of it and maybe I'll try to finish it.. Enjoy!

  • youre mine//alex ernst
    58.6K 997 17

    Madilyn dobrik is david dobriks little sister. She has it good. Good friends, cheerleader, amazing boyfriend. Alex, Davids bestfriend ignores her and doesnt care, but what happens when Madilyns life takes a turn for the worst? Will he get feelings for her, or will he just leave her stranded?

  • Alex Ernst// cute/dirty imagines
    783K 7K 45

    ⚠️WARNING: if you don't like sexual "stuff" then dont read⚠️ .......but if you do enjoy!!! ~ going to try and post daily~

  • Recovery // Alex Ernst
    108K 1.5K 27

    Kameron is just like her brother David Dobrik. When Kam goes to LA to visit her brother dose she end up falling in love with his best friend Alex. #2 in Alex Ernst Fanfiction

  • Alex Ernst//Imagines
    170K 1.5K 40

    Alex Ernst imagines ! Request are closed ✨I only update on Monday,Wednesday,Friday,and Saturday 😊

  • I love you || Alex Ernst
    117K 2.2K 32

    David Dobrik's sister moves in the same building as her brother David who is well known for his vlogs. David introduced her to all his friends but little did she know, she was going to fall for one of them.

  • neighbors// alex ernst
    12.1K 342 18

    we just had to get the loud and crazy neighbors?

  • The Only One
    16.5K 348 11

    Y/N loves Alex. Alex loves Y/N. Whats the problem? oh... Gabby.