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  • Atlas Book Review (Hiatus till October 31, 2020)
    4.2K 244 27

    This is a story review book. The rest is explained inside! Currently on Hiatus till The end of October. Read in the Announcements to get more information.

  • The Passion Awards 2020 | CLOSED
    13.3K 622 13

    status: closed-winners announced! The Passion Awards is looking for those hidden gems, the books shooting for stardom. It combines Judge's Choice and Reader's Choice together to create the most versatile competition. If you want to gain recognition while improving your craft at the same time, this contest is perfect f...

  • Diluculum Awards 2020 《Judging》
    14.6K 581 45

    《》 open for contestants and judges 《♡》judging 《》closed Awards for undiscovered writers hosted by @iamacookie12 and @lexibenoit.

  • The Paper Rates
    1.7K 132 14

    The Paper Rates - Where your accounts can be judged in order for them to reach their full potential! (Competition and individual rating) cover by vhentii

    53.2K 2.7K 85

    [✔️] open, [ ] closed, [✔️] judging. The Ace Awards - the creator of the first original, personally designed batch system. Ever stumble into an Awards to enter your book, only to find out that the genre is full? Fear not, as the Ace Awards Supreme is here to save you that trouble! We will be having several batches for...

  • The Cosmic Awards 2019 Edition
    26.8K 1.1K 14

    Have you ever felt that your work is undiscovered, and underrated? That you deserve to win or atleast that you aren't a shitty writer? In the Cosmic Awards [2019 Edition] it is our duty to unveil the beauty within the undiscovered and discovered gems, and crown the glorious author with all the jewels they deserve. Ou...

  • The Lunar Awards || CLOSED
    31.9K 1.6K 66

    CLOSED 1. Frustrated with Awards that take way too long to complete? Or even get canceled? 2. Annoyed that the most popular book becomes the winner through votes, even though you are sure your work deserves better? 3. Want to compete with the best undiscovered books in the genre, and find out where your stand? If you...

  • The Wise Awards 2017
    379 34 2

    This is "The Wise Awards 2017". This competition is only for the brave ones who signed up in the sign up book "The Life Awards 2017" with 1K-10K views all together

  • Best Wattpad Stories
    304K 2.7K 53

    Here I will post every single book that I loved reading on Wattpad. Enjoy. Xoxo, not Gossip Girl Note: recomend me stories and I will put them in my list

  • Character Roulette
    11.8K 306 13

    Looking for a visual for a character from your story ? This is where you can find celebrities , media personalities and other individuals that you may use to describe characters in your Wattpad stories. I can create personalised ones at request with your character's name on it that you can place at the beginning of yo...

  • The Life Awards 2017 (CLOSED)
    12.8K 781 18

    Welcome everyone to the first annual "Life Awards 2017." Read the book for more info.

  • Male Cast
    546K 4.3K 193

    bc Francisco Lachowski is getting overused. tbh I completely understand, he's hot af. ♡ ♡ ♡ art: Henrietta Harris cover edit: me :)

  • Best Wattpad Stories [completed & ongoing]
    60.2K 574 17

    Do you have a hard time figuring out what to read or just have no clue what books are out there? Than this is the book for you! Here are some of my favorite completed and ongoing stories here on Wattpad. Almost all the stories mentioned in here, will be in at least one of my reading lists! BE AWARE: I usually only re...

  • How To: Get More Reads On Wattpad
    206K 15.2K 53

    Highest Rank: #1 in Non-Fiction [14.08.16] I'm sure many of us have typed in 'How to get more reads' or 'How to get more votes' into Wattpad's search bar at one point or another and been bombarded with books. However when you read them.. Well they all seem to be the same. There may be a reason for that, those books pr...

  • teen fiction/romance book recommendations
    110K 1.1K 12

    [in my opinion] some of Wattpad's best teen fiction and/or romance novels **DISCLAIMER: When reading this book, you might find that you disagree with some books being recommended. Please don't comment anything rude like "this book shouldn't be here" or anything like that. But, if you would like to recommend some books...