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  • Unruly › bwwm
    299K 12.3K 30

    [ MATURE 18+ ] [ COMPLETED ] He was someone I couldn't push away, even if I wanted to. I couldn't hide from him, I couldn't lie to him - both of which I was damn good at. He just... came out of the blue. He wouldn't stay away, he didn't care who or what was in his way, he'd find his way to me again. No matter the thre...

    Completed   Mature
  • Homewrecker (18+)
    3M 69.3K 38

    Madelyn Waters is what you would least expect for only being seventeen-years-old. With a secret manipulative ability, as well as being charismatic, seductive and extremely promiscuous, she finds herself lost in a never-ending infatuation with older men, and sex in general. Masked by her own mental issues is an intens...

    Completed   Mature
  • WAVE
    7.7M 296K 61

    What do you do when disaster strikes? You survive. On the night before her entire life changes, Genevieve Harding was walking along the shoreline with a man she'd only just met. Tristan Maddox. A man who grazed the pages of the magazines and newspapers she's read. He was with her...he WANTED to be with her. What she...

  • Private Lessons
    653K 10K 10

    Violet Douglas is on track to graduate from her college in the spring. She just has to pass this class, the only problem is its a Human Sexuality class and she's a virgin. When the professor assigns a class paper that Violet doesn't know a thing about she gets help from the smoking hot TA, Aiden. ***WARNING*** for mat...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Quirky Tale of April Hale
    1.3K 43 19

    Die selbst ernannte verrückte April Hale und der berüchtigte Unruhestifter Ryder Black leben seit mehr als zehn Jahren nebeneinander. Beide hatten nie versucht miteinander zu kommunizieren, aber in der Nacht als Ryder Black von seinem eigenen Vater rausgeworfen wurde, stellt er ihr eine Frage, die vielleicht ihre beid...

  • Anywhere But Here
    31.4K 445 5

    THIS BOOK IS PUBLISHED!!!! COMPLETE VERSION IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!!!! "The night I met the Olsons, the family was in chaos." All his mother's life, she had denied the fact of having a son. Except, in his mind, she was right. As soon as Sawyer had the chance, he ran as fast and as far as he could with a backpack and a...