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  • kaisoo xx
    36.7K 520 5

    contains; submissive kaisoo /pwp, smut, smut, smut/ [kyungsooxeveryone] [jonginxeveryone] [ot12] [2-shots(?)]

    Completed   Mature
  • My Turn to Cry (ChanBaek FF)
    44.9K 2.1K 22

    I'll take all of your tears... It's my turn to cry...

  • how to move on || chanbaek
    4.2K 218 11

    another chanyeol and baekhyun fanfiction, i hope you'll still support this another chapttered book of chanbaek. thank you in advance, please to look forward on this. copyright© yeolja61 Date started: June 30, 2015

  • Unexpected LOVE (Kaisoo ft.EXO)
    3.8K 65 5

    Prologue masisira ang pagkakaibigan nila dahil mahal ka nilang dalawa mahal mo rin silang dalawa Pero isa lang ang dapat mahalin sino ang mamahalin mo?

  • All Girls School
    382K 4.2K 24

    Hindi lang pagbabasa at pagsusulat ang matututunan sa aming paaralan. Sa labas ng magandang reputasyon nito... Sa taas ng binabayarang tuition fee para sa kalidad ng edukasyon... Sa masasayang tawanan kapag may school program... Few only knew that behind our clean and spacious quadrangle, there are hideous and most cr...

  • My Ex-boyfriend and I
    9.6M 128K 29

    New story version: "Lie About Love" (Available on my Wattpad profile too)

  • High School Girls
    5.7K 122 1

  • Loving a robot (HunHan EXO)
    28.8K 652 14

    ⚠️⚠️This fanfic has a mature content; sex. To those who were not open-minded, don't read It's my first time writing fanfic which is yaoi. My first couple is HunHan but I will add other couples in EXO. Sehun was not that friendly after his friend died in the surgery. Han Lulu is his first friend. They tried to compos...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Reason Why He Changed ♂(Taoris/Kaisoo/Hunhan/Baekyeol)
    234K 4.5K 41

    I thought I hate gays... I thought I hate you... But that's what I thought, the truth is... I LOVE YOU. IG: @ibl_nk

  • With The Idiots (EXO FF) + Sequel Inside
    120K 2.6K 72

    { With The Idiots } - ❝12 of them are gays, believe me or not. ❞ Ang storyang ito ay pawang ka-cornihan, kabaklaan, kabaklaan, at kabaklaan. Walang matino sa storyang 'to. Lahat baliw. [Started: November 3, 2013 || Completed: March 18, 2014] { Fated To Be Together } - ❝If you we're to choose between love and y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Open Arms {hunhan}
    23.3K 564 17

    I'm here, waiting for you, with open arms. (BOOK COVER INSPIRED BY SUJIROUMANABE'S ARTWORKS)

  • when that winter came ▶▶ kaisoo™
    47.8K 1.4K 15

    " in winter, a love story began. " 2013 || All Rights Reserved (former cover by: Boredamn_)

  • I'm 20 but still NBSB (Published)
    4.6M 38.3K 37

    PUBLISHED IN 2014 UNDER PRECIOUS PAGES CORP. ADAPTED TO TV5 WATTPAD PRESENTST IN 2015 Minsan, kahit gaano kaganda, kabait at katalino ang isang tao, hindi pa rin niya magawang maging masaya. May kulang pa rin sa buhay niyang "close to perfection" na. Georgina Agnes Steve, 20 years old, isa sa mga "almost perfect girl...

  • untitled ▶▶ chanbaek™
    387K 13.5K 36

    " two people, and one book. " (Credits to: TheRealYeol for the book cover) November 2013 || All Rights Reserved

  • Angel
    3.1K 72 4

    Luhan was once heartbroken. And then that day, Sehun came. He's a complete stranger for him. Not soon after, the became lovers. Little did Luhan know, Sehun had to only stay for a short time. The reason behind??? Read on it and find out ^^ ~~~~~ ayooo thurr~ I AM BACK!! LOL xDD anyways, I AM POSTING A YAOI TYPE OF STO...

  • The Maknae.
    1.5K 27 3

    (This is a gay Hunhan fanfiction) Do you know what happens when you love someone you know you can't? When that person that you've guarded for such a long time, falls out of your grasp and into another's? When they just happen to forget you and love someone new? Or when you guys do fall in love but in a while the othe...

  • Why Can't It Be?
    1.2K 11 3

    "Our love story is not a fairytale. We don't have 'happily ever after'." This is a story that talks about on what it's like to be loved and what it feels like to have regrets. Regrets of letting someone go without consideration, without bidding them goodbyes before they left. This is a story that talks about on how mu...

  • Owned (KaiSoo) (boyxboy)
    128K 3.2K 8

    Kyungsoo's parents died while serving their master. He and his younger brother was adopted by their parents' master. They were given food, shelter and education. But these were not free. Kyungsoo needed to be the servant of his masters son. Will he regret it or be thankful?

  • GONE (One Shot)
    843 23 1

    Jin's GONE inspired story. Fictional characters are the real actors in the music video ; Xiumin and Yoo Jung. Not really the whole story of that song some parts is just my ideas. Please do comments your reactions. Thank You :) And SM and Woolim doesn't know about this xD I mean I do not have a permission from them. A...

  • Bangtan Boys' High [ C o m p l e t e d ]
    286K 5.7K 62

    Teen Fiction. The author is selfish and possessive on BTS. Read at your own risk. Cover by Sis @Liorsky.

  • His Husband (BoyxBoy) (COMPLETED)
    1.3M 23.7K 33

    (First book of His Trilogy) What if no choice na ang family mo at ginawa kang pambayad utang sa kapareho mo na gender na isang LALAKI? The hell? Ano kayang roller coaster ride ang sasakyan ng ating bida? © JayceeLMejica, 2013

    Completed   Mature
  • Everything Has Changed (HunHan) Exo
    157K 3K 26

    This is my first time to make a fanfic so, I'm sorry if I have some wrong grammar. You're all free to correct me. :) Summary: Sehun willingly gave up his own life to save the one He loved most, Luhan.

  • Anti-HunHan
    263K 7.8K 21

    { Anti-HunHan } Hindi ka pumunta ng Korea para sa EXO (well isang dahilan lang 'yun), pumunta ka ng Korea para manira ng relasyon. Teka, saglit--ibahin natin 'yung term baka magwala ka. Pumunta ka ng Korea para manghuli ng baklitang pokemon na lumalandi sa bias mo. Good luck na lang sa'yo. { Anti-HunHan 2: Anti-HanRa...

  • Temptation Island [ EXO Fanfiction]
    9K 140 8

    12 boys in 1 island. What will happen if ma-stranded sila sa isang mysterious island? Will they be as manly as before kung sa mga lilipas na araw at linggo ay sila lang ang magkakasama? Paano kung mapadpad ang labingdalawang lalaki na ito sa isang islang puno ng temptasyon? Paano kung ang bawat isa sa kanila ay isang...

  • The Stars Shine Brighter [Ongoing]
    11.9K 255 28

    What if your first friend was both your first love and your first heartbreak? Follow the life of the village pariah, Baekhyun, who gave up on life and accepted his cruel fate, until he was rescued by his first ever friend, Chanyeol, the city boy. Since their meeting, Baekhyun has taken a different view on his life and...

  • When A Man Fell In Love With A Man
    21.8K 292 2

    When A Man Fell In Love With A Man

  • Ang Pagdadalaga ni Byun Baekhyun
    6.2K 122 2

    Byun Baekhyun is in his Senior year in High school at konting kembot na lang ay gagraduate na so he decided to pursue the girl of his dream - Kim Hana. Pero sa 'di malamang kadahilanan ay binigyan siya ng dare nito bago sya sagutin.. Ano? To admit his true feelings towards his best friend Park Chanyeol. Hello, di kaya...

  • ✄ Liorsky's Graphic Shop (CLOSED) ✄
    120K 2.5K 114

    Forever Closed na po ang shop ko. ;)

  • My One and Only (A KaiSoo One Shot)
    7.1K 105 5

    What if magkagusto kayo sa isa't isa? Kaso lalaki kayo pareho? Anong gagawin mo? This is a KaiSoo One Shot. Ps. Hindi ko po cla ginagawang baekla(xD). I'm just writing this po kc kinikilig ako sa kanila dalawa. But, I know that they are not gay. I respect your opinions on my story. P.s.s. UB ko po yang dalawang yan...