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    Draft. Not really the final product. This is a undergoing idea that has many errors,mistakes, and goes off track. Originally discontinued Also I wrote this in middle school 6 t h g r a de warned. Alexander Hamilton. A Bisexual Foreign student from the Carribean with slick black hair and chocolate eyes...

  • Jon Rua x Thayne Jasperson // one-shots
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    ** REMINDER THAT I AM AWARE THAT THAYNE IS OLDER BY THREE YEARS. I wrote Jon as the older for some time until I switched it. So anyway, I ship these two very much so I decided, 'Hey! Why not write about them?'. Enjoy this crappy piece of shit that I brought into this world.

  • Musical One-Shots|Heathers, Deh, Ham, and BMC
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    I love all the musicals, so I decided to make a One-Shot book for all the gay ones because I can ;>

  • Mad Hatter
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    They told him to stay away. They told him that he was crazy, that he was gone. But what if he is crazy? All the best people are. >

    Completed   Mature
  • Moment of Adrenaline ⌦ LeeBury
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    ⌦ LeeBury ⌫ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Seabury's sick and tired of being belittled by the world.

  • A Walk in the Park {Modern Day LeeBury AU}
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    Just because of a dog. That's all it took. Then the rest worked itself out. From the moment the two men set eyes on each other, they were immediately attracted. At first, maybe not looking for a relationship. Maybe just a really close friendship. Yeah, just friends. Hah. Say goodbye to that idea. "Just friends" my as...

  • Flowers for the King
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    [A Leebury story because I'm trash and there's so little content. Also includes side ships like Lams, Jeffmads, and Mullette later on] 'P.P.S: if you read this, please leave flowers for Georgie. He loves white roses.' It seemed like a hassle, but Charles Lee was always too sentimental with his patients... And their ad...

  • Leebury One Shots
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    Hey. I'm a huge leebury fan, so why not make some one shots? If you have any other ships you want in this book: Tell me.

  • The Colors of Love
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    This is a Lams modern au. Alexander Hamilton always wears sunglasses. He wears them outside, inside, at night, he even wears them at the movies. No one has ever really questioned him on why....that is until a certain man named John Laurens comes into his life. Can Laurens find the odd reasoning behind the sunglasses...

  • My Dearest (Lams)
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    ***MODERN!HAMILTON AU*** Kinda focuses on Lams mainly, but there's some side stuff too

  • The Waiting Game (Lams)
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    No matter what he does, John is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's how he met Lafayette, Burr and Hercules after all. But it's also how he wound up in a jail cell for a night with a complete stranger who had been in the wrong place at the same time. Trapped until his friends save him, John learns more a...

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    John is in his third year of college, he is studying Marine Biology. Laurens loves the ocean and everything that has to do with it more than anything in this world, specially turtles, turtles are the best. That's why he goes to the beach that's near the college everyday. And I mean, every single day. But one day Joh...

  • I'm Willing To Wait For You (A Hamilton College AU)
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    This is, just as the title suggests, a Hamilton College AU. I know it is a super typical story but this is my first Lams book. I will try to be as original as possible but I also am influenced by other Hammy AUs. I'm open to constructive criticism so feel free to PM me. Enjoy! (Btw it's now completed)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Place To Be//Lams, Jeffmads, Mullayette//
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    Where in Alex goes to college and meets the weirdest and most wonderful people //i swear im trying to get better at my updates!//

  • The Place To Be: A Hamiton Fic
    45.6K 3K 24

    A slightly less heartbreaking sequel to a very heartbreaking story line. **reading the first book , Legacy, is highly suggested!!! Love you all!

  • lams • one night = countless more
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    basically everyone is in band and they all played in a concert and this is the night and morning after that a quick little three shot I wrote while on a band trip :) I hope you like this :)

  • Lams Oneshot (A Hamilton Fanfiction)
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    Alex is a little nervous when he first meets John, and, not surprisingly, John's turtle. John is a little nervous when he first meets Alex, and, not surprisingly, Alex's duck. Well, maybe a little surprisingly.

  • Remember That This Is Real
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    Lams Wattys2016 -UndeniablyKawai❤

  • happenings. (lams) (completed)
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    *bad grammar intended* through a series of texts, calls and emails, john laurens forms a slight bond with stranger who goes by the name 'a.h.' or 'alex'. though the two have never met, john wants to meet them. their faces have never been seen by one another, but john still wants to meet them. soon, john falls. in l...

  • The Turtle and the Lion -A lams Fan Fiction
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    A fluffy modern college lams fanfic written by two girls who ship one of the founding fathers and his best friend way too much.

  • Hamilton Oneshots
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    Hey! Am writing Oneshots of different shipping and x readers so send requests!

  • Our Shot (LAMS school au)
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    As an impoverished orphan, Alexander Hamilton didn't have many options; a full-ride scholarship to National Academy boarding school seemed like the perfect one. /// LAMS for sure, kind of a mixed bag though /// (I don't own the cover art or Hamilton)

  • Colorful ✔️
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    In a world full of black and gave me color. You made my life colorful. Hamilton/Lams/College Au/Blind Au FIRST COMPLETED BOOK! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT! •cover credits go to @inscmniac•

  • Hamilton Drabbles
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    Hamilton Drabbles!!!!!!!!

  • Pride //Hamilton lams AU fanfic
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    50k Reads! LAMS fan fic! All characters belong to Lin Manuel Miranda and are not my own. NO SMUT IN THIS BOOK!! Mature language and LGBT+ stuff. If you do not like that nonsense then this book is definitely not for you. So don't read. Please no hate! If you have a problem with the book please message me! (The funny...

  • [Not GAY]
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    Alexander wasn't gay Why would Lafayette and Mulligan ever believe something so stupid like that? Was it because he said that The Rock was hot or the fact that he always tries to flirt with that freckled boy? Yeah, who I am kidding? Everyone knows that Alexander is gayer than a rainbow. But he didn't seem to realize...

  • "Benefits" [Under Editing]
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    John Laurens was known in college for one thing and one thing only: He was the biggest fuck boy ever. Which was perhaps a hyperbole, but the title still stood. What most people didn't know is that behind the charming smiles and weekly hookups, John Laurens was just a desperate gay guy in search for a cute that didn't...

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember (Lams)
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    John got in a car crash and didn't remember anything about his life before. with the help of his friends and family he regains his memory.