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  • The Wallflower Secret [COMPLETED]
    344K 13.3K 43

    She seems like your average shy and isolated girl in high school that get bullied and called freak all the time, with her timid outer personality, not everyone can see the beauty behind the big glasses she wears. But what if the two opposite "princes" at school finds out about the secret existing beyond those glasses...

  • Slave
    765K 35.1K 30

    Bow. Obey. Work. Those are the things Caydrick must live after. As a slave, his only purpose in life is to obey his masters commands. When Caydrick is sent to work at the Royal Palace, he ends up getting roughly tortured and soon becomes a sexslave for the Queen herself. When Caydrick fights back and refuses to work...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Delinquent's First Love
    190K 5K 43

    Jessica Spencer is not exactly the delinquent type but burning down the house she once lived in made her grandparents to send her to a delinquent school. She's not happy and all she wants to do is to be gone and forget how her parents are killed in front of her. Now that there's a guy named Eric Hopkin who has an int...

  • The Billionaire and his Angel | (#2)
    11.5K 416 6

    [BOOK 2 in the billionaire series. Sequel to 'the billionaires obsession' this book is a STANDALONE] [BOOK 1 has been taken down] BOOK 2 He just sat there with a cold expression, just staring at me. Suddenly he got up and walked up to me. I backed away but he came more closer to me. The nerve this man has. "W-what a...

  • Female ✔️
    367K 22.1K 34

    COMPLETED! "You are weak, unstable, and arrogant! You are not a good wolf!" A laugh barked out of the Alpha's throat, shaking his head, eyes so bright. "Grow up, pup! Look at yourself!" My hands shake as he taunts me, travelling up my arms until my whole body is vibrating. "No!" I scream, voice more animal than anythi...

  • SECRETS- Her Truth Lies Within Part 1
    976 196 20

    Zoyah a woman full of mystery hidden dark secrets that turned her into a hardcore woman. Destiny decided she should come face to face to the person responsible for her plight. Will Zoyah give in to her past or will she emerge victorious? Will she fight this battle alone or with someone's support? Attendons voir TIME...

  • The Bullied Nerd Gets A Makeover *NOT EDITED*
    167K 3.6K 33

    *Book Formerly know as the bullied nerd turns to a bad girl* Emily Keys was the biggest nerd in Hawkins high school. Emily is rich and has a snobby sister who thinks she is the Queen B of Hawkins high but what happens when her friends gives her a makeover Alec Taylor is the a Bad boy in school. He skippes school, talk...

  • One in a Million (Book 3 in the Four of Us Trilogy)
    21.1K 2.2K 48

    ***ATTENTION: This is the 3rd book in a series - don't go any further as there are MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Go back to my profile and add Not the Only One, then Still the One to your list first!!!*** One in a Million picks up just a few days after Miles, Rachel, Luke, and Brooke graduate college at Florida State. Their...

  • Recalling Lincoln Carter
    504K 21.5K 32

    Olivia White visited Los Angeles the summer before her freshman year of high school and met a teen heartthrob who fell for her. Hard. She left him when the summer ended and hasn't seen him since, his number blocked, his face forgotten. Three years later, Olivia is a senior in high school and ready to be done with...

  • The Many Loves of Samantha Greene
    93K 5.7K 28

    Dating is difficult in any culture, at any age. It's hard to find someone who you want to spend time with and who also returns the affection and desire. It's hard to put all of your trust in someone who could break it at any given moment. It's even harder when your father is one of the most famous singers in the count...

  • Torn Between Alphas (Selling Myself To The Alpha)
    23.5M 115K 8

    What do you do when you're in a crisis? A financial crisis? A) Borrow money off someone B) Find a job C) Try sell yourself Caliana Hart, like any normal girl, chose option C. But she's made the mistake of choosing the wrong man to mess with. Temporary cover: ayeitsning

  • His Perfect Addiction.
    1.3M 39.9K 46

    COMPLETED. Highest ratings Rank☆: 1 in beauty on 08/07/2020 Rank☆: 1 in discover on 27/04/2019 Rank☆: 2 in billionaire on 13/01/2020 Rank☆: 2 in writersdebut on 21/01/20 Rank☆: 11 in love on 02/02/2020 Rank☆: 11 in newadult 04/04/2020 Rank☆: 70 in romance on 21/01/2020 "You are not to be seen with any guy's hands on y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pride {l.s.}
    5.5M 287K 96

    Louis Tomlinson has tried so hard to not be who he really is. He has worked for years to not be a person that people don't accept. The walls he built are slowly torn down by a tall boy with green eyes. Add Louis, Harry Styles, a pride parade, and a kiss together, and there's a story full of love and someone learning t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Nerd Is A Player ✔
    1.1M 41.8K 49

    When Tia Frederick, "Miss Player" and Alex Frederick, her older brother move to Australia. Tia starts a new chapter in her life, as a student, at St. Jude's College. Tia, in two words, is - simply perfect. Thus, a string of broken hearts, at the heels of Miss Player. At Tia's College, her first step is to - ● Win he...

  • Rejecting the Alpha
    27.8M 866K 58

    I glared up at him my eyes narrowed, "Excuse me?" I was beyond livid by the words that just came out of his mouth. My glare didn't falter when Parker towered over me, clenching his jaw while trapping me against his desk. "You heard me." Parker's voice was low and intimidating that it made me feel so small. But I wasn...

  • The Football Player's Roommate
    20.7M 607K 70

    | COMPLETED | Highest Ranks: #1 in Teen Fiction (06/11/17) & #1 General Fiction (07/22/17) | When Amaya receives an acceptance letter to her dream college, she is ecstatic. It has been her dream for as long as she can remember to follow in her father's footsteps of graduating top of her collegiate class. She has bee...

  • Wolf Talker II
    381K 19.7K 39

    After being marked by Matias, Luna is now faced with even more tasks. She has to plan a wedding, move her whole life to a new state- and above all live in a pack house for the very first time. Though life is looking up, there are always things that don't seem to go right in her world of perfection. When a threat comes...

  • Saved By A Group Of Badboys
    1M 27.6K 39

    all she want is to talk to someone with out being pitted. or judged. or looked down on. She sick and tired of people continuously thinking their better than her. or calling her names that she isn't or getting kicked around like a piece of trash. She's basically living in hell. All she wants is to be normal and not...

  • After Arlington
    1.4M 80.4K 18

    Official bonus novella to High School Hit List. Maddy Danton should have never returned. She's collateral damage, trapped within a cage of secrets, a risk to the reputation of a boy held on a perfect pedestal. And maybe freeing herself from her shackles is as unrealistic as it is dangerous. But lies can only last as l...

  • Masterful Trickery
    2M 135K 41

    THE BANDIT She merely meant to steal and get away with it. She did not mean to find a dying woman and be chased for it. She merely meant to help. She did not mean to be dressed in a gown and be a target for murder. THE GUARD He was tasked to chase them. He was not expected to work with them. He merely meant to pay f...

  • SAMPLE - The Hunting Game (Rejection Series #1)
    7.5M 321K 49

    (Completed. Edited by: RonnyRotten) THIS IS A SAMPLE °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Rejection has never been sweeter For Patience, life gets interesting when rejection by the one fated to be yours throws you into the yearly Hunting Game in hopes to find your chosen. Highest Ranking #3 werewolf

  • A Lady's Guide to Courtship
    3.5M 203K 43

    "A love not shown is more painful than a love rejected." SHE IS DETERMINED... The town of Wickhurst sees Ysabella Everard as a spoiled, rich young girl. What Ysa believes on the other hand is that she will someday get the man of her dreams and that is no other than the elusive rake William Hayward, the Lord of Wakefi...

  • (RIVALS) The Upside of Falling ✔️
    47.8M 2.5M 68

    || Available in book stores!! || watty award 2017 winner! || Becca's life takes a thrilling turn when she pretends to date Brett Wells, the most popular boy in school. Becca Hart is determined to coast her way through her senior year at Eastwood High School. Counting down the days until graduation had become her cru...

  • The Black Knight (Watty Awards 2012 Finalist)
    13.7M 496K 40

    She found him on the beach. His clothes spoke of wealth, his hands told of work, but it was the scars on his face that told Nan who the man before her was, Sir William Horton, the resident Hero of Ashford. He was the richest man in five counties and a well known bastard. Rumors of every kind were whispered about Ashfo...

  • Lunar Whispers
    14.4M 644K 89

    COMPLETED (BOOK 5) *Also a stand-alone book!* Jacob had been shy his entire life. He was reserved, had an introverted soul, and struggled to communicate with even those closest to him. Jacob had a deep secret, which made him feel alone and scared, and he considered giving up his battle, until his secret wasn't as priv...

  • His Lady in Breeches
    3.6M 214K 47

    "They may see you as how you try to be, but what I see is what you try not to be." SHE IS A BASTARD... Maxine Theobald hid from the rest of society to protect her father's name. But as she grows tired of her role-playing games every year during the famous Theobald weekend parties, she starts to question how she...

  • The Girl With The Headscarf
    1.8M 188K 81

    [2017 Watty Award Winner] [Featured Wattpad Story] [Highest ranking yet: #1 in Spiritual] » she tried her best to keep herself in wraps but he seemed determined to undo her «

  • Breeder Nation
    4.1M 174K 77

    Living in a world where the human race is dying off faster than it can reproduce, sixteen year old Maddie Ryan has started her period, an almost guaranteed sign of fertility. Knowing it's only a matter of time before the government finds out and forces her into the life of a Breeder, where her sole purpose will be to...

  • Animal
    643K 18.4K 37

    Myra Mirandinelle Gray is easily sucked into a life she didn't expect after she attends a party for graduating Seniors. She crosses paths with the most powerful werewolf in the world and doesn't even know it, she crosses paths with him in more than one way. She finds out that he happens to be her mate which causes her...

    Completed   Mature
  • The girl who cried wolf (R rated version)
    378K 8.4K 39

    When Mia's mother is killed she dicovers she is not quite human, she's half Lycan. Rescued by the family she never knew she had and living in a new town, she must come to terms with her mother's hidden past and maybe find love along the way.

    Completed   Mature