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  • An Unwanted Relationship #The Sunset Awards #flowers2018#PenToPaperAwards17
    43.4K 941 16

    Randhir is expecting his first child and an unexpected guest enters his life, Sanyukta , his neighbour. They both experience a sudden attraction and are drawn close to each other and attempt to break the barriers of their life. This is a story of an extra marital affair which binds two people and their fates. Highest...

  • artificial light
    15.2K 3.5K 44

    in which a girl struggles to see the light and a boy is determined to grab the sun for her 「all rights reserved. lowercase intended for stylish purposes.」 #freementalillness #2018awardsSS stunning cover made by supernovass

  • Control
    4.3K 622 10

    For Eva Winters, life turned out a little more complicated than she had imagined. After years worth of saving, she was finally ready to leave the busy city and make a change in her scandalous lifestyle. She thought moving to a quiet, small town with her best friend would be enough to halt her inner wild-child, allowin...

  • Sight
    2.3K 527 15

    "Every word seemed to jump off the page and tug at the heartstrings." -@archertypes, award-winning author of Cinderelliot *** She was blind, but she saw more than he ever could have imagined. He was her only ray of sunshine, but it was only a matter of time before until storm clouds came and threatened to block out th...

  • Soft Boys
    763 160 4

    "Boys don't wear pink." "Boys don't cry." "Boys are not supposed to be fragile." "Boys don't have a feminist side." "You are such a girl." Cairo Crosby endured every judgement that came his way silently. After all, living in a narrow-minded society doesn't exactly raise one's expectations. But when he got kicked out o...

  • Scents and Sensibility | ✓
    1K 215 10

    where Mrs Green, the local aroma shop owner, might just give you some advice when you come in to buy scents. © beaucolic

  • Carry On
    1.6K 231 9

    "Promise me that when I die, you'll carry on..." Or in which a dying boy's dearest wish is for his girlfriend to keep living. Trigger warning

  • Tears of the shadows
    330 26 15

    "Light, can even be found, in the Shadows." In the heart of Era. A fantasy world filled with color and light. Lurks a cold, merciless nightmare, Dugan of Shadows! For years, Dugan has driven fear into the hearts of the citizens of Era, and now seeks to make his move on the strongest of Eras defenses. But one final cha...

  • The Beauty of Finding | PAUSE
    1.9K 379 27

    "sometimes we're all just lost, waiting to be found." With unfriendly memories haunting her from the past, Genevieve tries her best to live her best high school experience as she can. Something that would've come easy to her once turned to be one of the most difficult things ever. Her smiles were slowly disappearin...

  • Through The Lens | ✓
    8.2K 374 28

    ❃ Highest ranking: #62 in Short Story ❃ "I was not expecting to see such a beautiful man in that small cafe on 31st Street. Nor did I expect to fall in love with him from afar. But, being the shy person I was, I just looked at him through the lens of my camera, hoping that one day I would gain enough courage to actu...

  • Dragons • Short Story
    84 11 1

    everything in the following story is mostly true ✦✦ • originally for the #mindovermattercontest • drag·on / ˈdraɡən/ "a mythical monster.." But what if I made it a reality? Not all dragons are monsters. ✦✦ amazing cover made by the beautiful and talented human being @nightgate

  • perfect wind
    330 26 5

    Wind. It was as if the wind had come out of nowhere, picked her up and carried her far away from that life. She made a choice, and it changed everything.

  • Escape ✔
    694 67 4

    36 year old, Joan Hemming, flee away from reality, for a few hours. Keith, a stranger, a painter, found Joan to be his next art. But these two strangers, have only one night together.

  • By The Moonlight (✅)
    166 41 1

    1st Place Winner of The Literally Lit Literature Awards 2018 1st Place Winner of The Chaos Awards 2018 1st Place Winner of The Minstrel Awards 2018 2nd Place Winner of The Phoenix Wars Awards 2018 3rd Place Winner of The Wicked Awards 2018 • • • Jeramy and Pierre are two average boys brought together and seperated by...

    Completed   Mature