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  • Fragments
    2.3M 86.1K 102

    One bridge. Two guys. Three secrets. Four therapists. Five attempts. Six months. Seven bad habits. Eight family meetings. Nine visits. Ten cuts. One death. Spiritual #4

  • The Dreamer ✓
    1.3M 85.1K 32

    One day, Morgana decides to pick up a pen and write a series of letters addressed to those she loves and hates. In these letters, she reveals her deepest fears and darkest secrets, in these letters she tells of the only boy she's ever loved and in these letters she realises that nothing is ever as it seems, and after...

  • Trapeze
    2.8M 95.7K 27

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION After a devastating accident, trapeze artist Corey Ryder gets stuck living a normal teenage life and attempts to reconnect with the mother she barely knows. ***** As a trapeze artist, Corey Ryder is used to flying high above...

  • Passenger
    14.5K 437 2

    for as long as anna can remember, every song she has listened to has been overlaid with the voice of boy next door, tobias. in the car, if katy perry was singing firework, toby was too. if the fray was blasting from anna's headphones, she could see toby mouthing the words. but when toby disappears one day without a t...

  • Faking Delinquency [SAMPLE, PUBLISHED]
    9.2M 56.6K 22

    [BEING PUBLISHED -- sample and more info inside] One girl. One camp for delinquents. One hell of a summer. Falice Winters has always been the goody-two shoes. Her twin Arabelle . . . not so much. So what happens when their dad plans to ship Arabelle off to a camp to clean up her act? Well, naturally, Arabelle wou...

  • Just Drive [old version]
    629K 14.6K 23

    OLD VERSION Self-proclaimed pathetic being Sam Anderson is shocked when her ex-almost-boyfriend, Austin, comes up to her and asks her to drive him all the way across the country to California just so he can see his girlfriend. Thinking she was only getting into a quick, scenic car ride across America, she finds hersel...

  • 5:48 [re-writing]
    3.4M 51.5K 10

    Sometimes all you really need is a place to call home. * * * [Provides early access updates via Radish]

  • Little Talks
    46.5K 1.4K 10

    ❝tell her that i miss our little talks.❞ katelyn leary and allia williams met when they were seven, and had been inseparable since. nicknamed "the two musketeers" in middle school, they have been there for each other through bad break ups, dysfunctional families, and flunked tests. after being voted "best friends" in...

  • No Capes
    13M 583K 32

    "Why wear a mask?" I whispered as my fingers brushed the satin garment that revealed only his enigmatic eyes. "No one can find out my real identity," He replied, his gaze pouring into mine, "Anyone could be behind this mask. Besides, it keeps me safe." I held my breath, realizing just what could happen if he left t...

  • Jericho
    433K 15.5K 9

    Nineteen-year-old Rebecca Lawson is stuck in Point Lautner, a small logging town in northern Canada. She was born here, and she'll die here. Rebecca's on the edge of giving up her dreams of leaving when she rescues a strange, beautiful boy from a frozen lake.

  • An Everlasting Relationship
    1.2M 31.7K 9

    It's the college life for Holly. Time for new experiences, new friends, old friends, and another handsome teacher. Well, professor, this time. Much to Jeremy's annoyance. Chris seems okay with it. That is, until suddenly it seems there might be someone who could actually take Holly away from him... Book 1: A Proscript...