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  • Call me Aaron
    9.3K 101 7

    This is a short re write of the scene in unravel me, where Warner tries to seduce Juliette. Mainly for warnette shippers. *smutty please be warned, pg-13 **ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO TAHEREH MAFI**

  • Revive Me
    3.9K 96 3

    It's been 6 years since Juliette took over the Reestablishment. She and Aaron have been conquering the world together, just as they have dreamed, only now, everything is changing. A new addition has been added to the pair. Instead of the two of them conquering the world, there are three. This is a Shatter Me fanfic t...

  • Define Me
    16.9K 284 9

    A shatter me fan fiction based one month after Juliette overthrew the reestablishment, it will go into more detail about how things turned out in sector 45, her and Warner's relationship and how it evolves through this new part of their lives together. Featuring Kenji Kishimoto aka the best fictional character ever an...

  • Save Me (a continuation of shatter me series)
    3.1K 78 4

    5 years after the battle with Anderson... See how Mr..... and Ms. Warner are doing ;)

  • Electrify Me (Shatter Me fanfic)
    3.2K 47 3

    In the world of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, life continues in the future. Mainly centers around the child of Juliette Ferras and Aaron Warner. (fanfiction:)