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  • elevators
    373K 27K 16

    [completed] two strangers are stuck on an elevator on a rainy monday morning. confessions ensue. ; copyright © 2016

  • pause // dan howell x reader
    915K 34.7K 50

    romance doesn't always begin at first glance, but when the world is paused, it's hard to ignore a second heartbeat. © ; 2016 Highest Ranking: #9 in Fanfiction (aahhh thank you so much) #1 in phillester #1 in superpowers #2 in amazingphil #2 in danisnotonfire #3 in danhowell | WORKING ON FINAL CHAPTER |

  • call me dan ➳ phan
    10.8M 325K 192

    just when the catipillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly × sequel to 'transgender' {HIGHEST RANKING #3}

  • Wake up to Dan and Phil (Dan X Reader)
    9.9K 342 9

    y/n wakes up in Dan and Phil's flat. There's no explanation as to how; they're all confused. WARNING: this is only 80% true. comment suggestions.

  • I Don't Need Your Help; d.h
    70.5K 2.5K 30

    woman was not made by the heel of man to be under him , or from the skull of man to be above him , but rather from the side of man to be with and equal to him . «dan howell x reader»

  • paint my world
    61.1K 3.9K 22

    you're the color of everything that's ever meant anything