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  • Odd Man Out
    30.2K 787 20

    Skylar (Sky) Anders has a sentence of over twenty years for drug peddling and for attempt of murder. But due to bad behavior at Fox River, the guards decide to play a little joke of 'accidentally' switching her from the female penitentiary to the male one. Though the joke seemed to go to far, she established a name an...

  • Fox River's Female Inmate
    72.3K 1.8K 9

    Convicted killer, Felicity Dillon, has become the only known woman to walk the grimy, tainted walls of the all-male prison Fox River Penitentiary. She has her reasons of why she did what she did, and she doesn't want it getting out. The valuable information of her past getting out to the disgusting, pig-like men she h...

  • Prison Break Preferences (Completed)
    117K 2.3K 101

    Preferences for the Prisonbreak crew; *Lincoln Burrows *Michael Scofield *Sara Tancredi *Theodore Bagwell *Fernando Sucre **Updating**