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    Y/n and her exceed moonshine just moved into magnolia a few weeks ago and some jewels. So she contacted her best friend lucy and went to the famous guild fairy tail.once she got there Lucy introduced her to two weird guys,gray and natsu.y/n's power was extra rare....only Lucy,and her exceed moonshine started...

  • Not Your Average Girl (Sting X Reader X Gray)
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    (Y/N) Dragneel is the little angel of Fairy Tail, and Natsu's sister. What happens when she's back 5 days before the tenrou group comes back? Who will be the one that is going to win her love : her childhood best friend or the cocky rival.

  • Fairy Tail X Reader
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    Y/N is a flame dragon slayer, regular, cool, healing, and celestial. She was taught by her dragon father, Genso. When he left she was 7 and she traveled for a year looking, but you couldn't find him. Now Y/N is 8 years and it's the anniversary of the day Genso left, while she and her exceed, E/N, were walking in the...

  • A Fight Between Fire And Ice : A Natsu X Reader X Gray Love Story!
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    Hello! This is my first Fairy Tail story. If I'd have to be honest, I'm very excited for this new story. I hope you'll like it. Here's a mini summary for you. (y/n) is new to the Fairy Tail guild. Soon, she catches the eyes of two of Fairy Tail's wizards. Little do these wizards know about a new evil that's about to a...

  • Seeking The Truth (Gray x Reader)
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    This is a story about Y/N Dragneel. You are really confused about your life. You have a brother which you didn't know about, you lost your memory of everyone in your past. No one can change that except maybe your true love. (None of the characters belong to me) The chapters are really short because I was very lazy and...

  • The Fated Encounter
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  • {Fairy Tail Reader Insert} The Family I Never Had (Fairy Tail Watty Awards 2014)
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    {}Multiple B.O.C{} Your running for your life while trying to protect Lily from the dark figure of your past. After running into the Fairy Tail guild members, you have to keep many secrets and distance yourself from everyone but they refuse to let you block them out. You're the Water Dragon Slayer but you...

  • Guild sweet Guild ~ Fairy Tail x reader
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    You have been at Fairy Tail pretty much since the beginning, what happens when you want to leave the guild? And for 5 years? After you come back, will everything ever be the same? Here's a fairy tail x reader fanfic. Hope you guys like it. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL.

  • Our Love Story [Gray X Reader]
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    This story is for all those Gray Fans! Put your hands in the air if you like Boys who strips without noticing, has ice magic, and has a kind heart? Well lets read about it in the story! Aye sir! ©Do Not copy my stories, if you do you will be reported immediately I Do Not Own Fairy Tail

  • Sabertooth Goddess (Fairy Tail x Reader)
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    [[COMPLETED]] --- [WARNING! this story is slightly cringey. CHAPTERS 6, 8, and 9 are the ONLY weird parts, i think] --- (Y/n) Eucliffe, a White Dragon Slayer and the younger sister of Sting Eucliffe, is being liked by numerous guys all around Fiore. Will a certain guy be chosen? I don't know. Will I ever know what I...

  • I Want You ( Natsu X Reader Lemon)
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    Currently fixing some chapters. When mating season passes by Natsu starts to feel its effects. When y/n gets pregnant. What is he gonna do. Follow me in this crazy adventure of love, lemon, pain, more lemon, surprises, more pain, more lemon, jealous ex-girlfriends, demons, cats, more lemon, destruction, more pain an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful as Ice (Gray x reader)
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    (Y/n) (L/n) is a teenage wizard who is hated by almost everyone due to an unfortunate incident. That is, until she joins Fairy Tail. There, she meets the person that will change everything. *Edited

  • Fairy tail boys x reader
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    Hey guys I had a request from @alyssajose for a fairy tail x reader So here it is I hope all of you like it >-< :P

  • My Treat: Gray X Reader (Lemon)
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    Hey click this book coz it a lemon lol. For my friends lol. I gotta stop saying

  • Beauty and the Lion (Fairy Tail fanfic reader x Loke/Leo)
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    This story is about the readers feelings about Leo/Loke just beginning to blossom. He hits on the reader all the time but as always does so with other girls. Will the reader and Leo end up together? Read to find out!

  • Fairy Tail x Reader
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    Fairy Tail One Shots! This Will Be Updated Every Friday(: This Is The First Writing Thing I've Ever Done So It's An Ongoing Progress In Skill xD (MALE FAIRY TAIL x READER) If You Want FEMALE FAIRY TAIL x READER Ask And You Shall Receive! Also...We Have Cookies<3 XD Status: Ongoing☑️

  • The Mermaid Princess {Gray x Reader} Ft. The School for Good and Evil
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    『Was #1 ɪɴ ɢʀᴀʏ ғᴜʟʟʙᴜsᴛᴇʀ 』 (Y/N) was princess of the sea and all she ever wanted was to do was become human. One day, (Y/N) went to look for the only person in the world who could make wishes come true; Agatha of Woods Beyond. There is just one problem, In order for (Y/N) to stay human, she had to fall in love i...

  • Fairy Tail x Reader
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    A safe place to be yourself and fall in love with your favorite characters!!! I will not judge, you will not judge, they will not judge!!! It's a beautiful environment that spreads love and happiness!! Sure, read my stories, but join the family! I spread my love to you - deadpoolxxlux #479 in Fanfiction on 8/4...

  • New Singing Member. Gray X Reader X Natsu
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    A new member of Fairy Tail! Everything went well but 2 guys fighting over you and a girl wanting to hit you....? Ya... Not so great after all. Hope you make it! :P Gray X Reader X Natsu COMPLETE

  • Loke x reader (A lions love)
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    (I do not own any Fairytail Characters) You had made a Bad turn in life but found light and joined a guild......the guild of hope you like to say Simple and sweet :) *Goes for all genders*

  • Not Just a Silver Key
    58.2K 1.5K 9

    Orion, the Hunter. Nothing special. Just another way too common silver key. Or so she thinks... (Loke/Leo x Reader)

  • Their Guardian Angel (Fairy Tail x Reader x OC) #Wattys2017
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    Lilith Princess of the Angels finds humans in the realm of Earth-land fascinating, most of all the Kingdom of Fiore. Lilith has always watched over one guild in particular... Fairy Tail. Through all their adventures Lilith has observed them and their love for one another. But what will happen when Lilith forsees the T...

  • Your Smile - Natsu x Reader Lemon
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    ''Your Smile'' You entered guild,tired,looking for food.You sat in front of a bar,whistling and ordering food. A pinkette sat next to you. You carefully watched his eyes,he watched yours. Pinkette smiled widely,giving you his hand. Lemon warning. Y/N - Your name E/C- Your eye color Y/A - Your age Y/H- Your haircolor H...

  • REBEL {Loke x Reader} [A Fairy Tail Fanfic]
    110K 3.4K 11

    {#8 IN LOKE X READER} The lost of a friend can change a person. After (Y/N) lost the only person she ever trusted- the only person she ever loved, it changed her. And she blamed her best friends death, on Sarha Jennings, the celestial wizard. Rebelling against ever being owned again, the King sentenced her key under t...

  • Fairy Tail x Reader
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    This is my first story. I do not own the characters except for those I put in. Also I do not own you but in here I do control your actions. You are the most powerful wizard alive, maybe even more powerful than zeref himself. You can control every magic that exist and you use this to your advantage. To the dragons you...

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    (Y/N) RedFox The Sister Of Gajeel RedFox Is The New Member Of The Guild, But What If She Joined The Guild On A Wrong Time???? Follow The Story As These Hot Dragon Slayers Fall In Love With You..... :) Hi There Author Here please Leave a vote and comment..!!!!!

  • Fairy Tail X Reader
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    This is a story based on Fairy Tail yet you're in it! You will have a major role! What will happen when (Y/N) meets some strange people. Well she gets this feeling inside she can't explain. (Y/N) the Divine Warrior is what she was known as. She had a few friends that were Divine Warriors since there was only eight p...

  • loke x reader(lemon)
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    this is my first book and I'm in to this stuff sooooo yeah ummmmm the character is created by you! loke is not my character!

  • Fairy Tail x Reader
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    You were just a normal girl not really you were an ___dragon slayer so your story begins.