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  • Stephen x Hosuh (Yandere AU)
    14.5K 337 7

    This is kinda based off of a game called Yandere simulator, but i'll change a few things up so it wont just be a copy. ;)

  • My drawings (crap)
    4.5K 168 54

    YAAS these are mah smexxi drawings

  • Kidnapping Him
    7.6K 85 2

    I don't approve of rape or anything like that, but it's just a story. If you enjoy tease and denial please read. If you enjoy BDSM, please read. (And yes, I am aware that since it is not consensual, it technically isn't BDSM). Also! The story cover is not mine. Just needed a story cover.

  • The Only Vampire I know is a Complete Ass
    426 20 1

    Izuku has been bullied by the same person his whole childhood, Katsuki Bakugo. Little does he know that while hes been growing up and is now 27 haven forgotten about the boy, the guy seems to have stopped ageing around his early twenties and is looking like his dreams. Except his dream guy is currently at someones nec...

  • Red Marceline x Marshal Lee
    6.6K 290 8

    I refuse to fall for this ..boy. I refuse to fall for my fathers enemy's son. Marceline Abadeer is a vampire heir same as Marshal Lee. The two have no desire to rule a kingdom but rather to have ordinary teen lives. But when the parallel universe kingdom visits the Night-o-Sphere the Demon Queen proclaims that the two...

  • To The Moon And Back | d.jh +
    136 11 8

    ♡oneshots♡ They are just oneshots. You lovely people can request things that you would like or be interested in reading. ?

  • Region-Beta Paradox (Avengers X Male Reader)
    241K 7.1K 55

    "The region-beta paradox denotes the phenomenon that people can sometimes recover more quickly from more intense emotions or pain than from less distressing experiences." Dwell into the paradox as you, the reader, unfold the mysteries of human emotions when you are introduced to The Avengers as a fellow teammate. Not...

  • Creepypasta x M! Reader
    2.2K 96 6

    This is about a young teen boy, who wonders in the woods at night, every weekend. Usually nothing happens when you wonder in the woods. Will something bad happen? Or will something good happen?? Read and find out. Btw I do not own ANYTHING at all but my stories. Hope u enjoy.

  • Dragon Burning (NatsuxMale!Reader) (#Wattys2016)
    59.8K 1.7K 17

    For you nature was everything to you.You loved how the sun beams its rays off of the scene and becomes a stunning view.Nothing in the world seemed more beautiful.but in year 777 it all changed.When your were practicing your life dragon slaying magic you happen to notice your surroundings being burnt to a crisp by a yo...

  • Igarashi x Nanashima (KissHimNotMe One Shots)
    27.3K 867 7

    A whole book about Igarashi and Nanashima in a lot of different situations. Each chapter is a different one shot with them in different situations and scenarios. So expect something different each chapter :D

  • Don't Leave ~ Shizaya
    65K 2.2K 16

    Hehe, you must have to read! Warning - Suicidal Thoughts. Self Harm. Gruesom language. Gore here and there maybe. Please nobody take offence to this! This does deal with depression, and Suicide. Of you ever find yourself in this kind of mental state, get help.

  • Steven x Lars
    18.9K 330 6

    Lars always thought of Steven as an annoying pest that followed him around everywhere until the day that he got to know Steven. I do not own any of the characters in this story or the show that it comes from. 1st fanfiction Original Steven x Lars fanfic

  • Deep Secrets
    89.2K 4K 19

    Izaya questions all he ever works and lives for. Then when finding the answer he looses himself completely. Spiraling into a depression he can't pull himself out of. He laughs at himself when found at his lowest point by the last person he wanted to be seen by Warning// deep fanfiction. Trigger warning for some people...

  • Alpha Resonance
    29.1K 1.1K 27

    First Kevedd fanfic. Hope it'll be fun. I'll update as much as I can. Ten years after the scam gone wrong in a parallel universe, mass panic and riots everywhere. Can two alpha males find peace within the chaos? Or will they kill each other first? Eddward Vincent is a shark out of water. The captain of the swim team i...

  • Love Of The Brothers
    4.4K 112 14

    I am doing a kind of my iwn add on to the fanfic Brotherly Love. After the hospital scene Rin disappears for 5 long years. When he returns he is somehow a full demon and is 26. He was training with his father in Gahenna and where they where one year in Assiah equals two there. Amaimon broke up with Sheimi because he b...

  • Be Mine Instead of His
    50.2K 1.9K 29

    Edd moves to a new town where he meets and makes new friends including Kevin. Over time Kevin gets to know Edd, he falls in love with him but only thing is that Edd isn't the only thing that's new.

  • I Like It Rough & Other Stories
    37.2K 272 4

    A collection of stories about what men do in the quietness of the shadows. Prepare yourself for an erotic adventure of the senses that will surely leave you wanting more.

  • Reckless love~ Dipper Gleeful x Will Cipher (BoyxBoy)
    50.3K 1.3K 9

    Dipper Gleeful runs the tent o' telepathy with his twin sister Mabel Gleeful, and his 'trusty' assistant Will Cipher. Will is beaten when we does stuff incorrectly or steals the show, he doesn't feel love at all, but that's all he wants. Little does he know that Dipper actually loves him...

  • Stony for life (boyxboy)
    24.2K 855 16

    THIS IS STONY!! This story follows the crazy relationship of The genius, playboy , philanthropist, Billionaire Tony Stark and The First Avenger Steve Rodgers. They go through all kinds of crazy things when they start dating but how crazy? Well you will have To read to find out. Completed!!! (I do not own charact...

  • Tortured
    6.7K 93 29

    Dipper and Mabel live with there Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford. When a boy named Gideon had a crush and Mabel and tries to get her to love him but she says no and decides to kidnap Dipper and torture him until someone can find him. When they find out something that will forever haunt dippers life. And might end it.

  • Untouchable (Billxreader)
    6.1K 194 13

    "" doll why are you so untouchable to me ""

  • EYE See You MaBill ( A MaBill Fanfic )
    79.4K 2.5K 19

    Bill has had his way when it comes to taking over the world, gruncle ford was melted into a puddle of gold, gruncle Stan was eaten alive, Wendy and Soos got out of the state in time, and Dipper was about to be killed by Bills hands himself. It was up to Mabel to stop him, so she came up with a plan. Mabel challenged h...

  • Hacked By Dan
    7.3K 347 3

    Hehehehe I hacked you Phil

  • What do you want!? (Boyxboy) (Teacherxstudent)
    27.8K 731 5

    Hikaru one day got called to his teachers desk because rumors are going around school that he is gay. Then Hikaru flips out on his teacher whom he loves and runs out of the classroom. Will sensei come to accept his student or will Hikaru continue to feel pain because the sensei he loves does not accept him.

  • Treat Me Nicely Sensei (yaoi/boyxboy)
    19K 440 13

    After being called to the nurse's office, Finn finds himself falling for the sadistic pleasures of Issac, the infirmary sensei.

    Completed   Mature
  • Santa Claus got Sexual Harassment (BoyxBoy-Yaoi)
    8K 188 1

    Santa Claus is getting ready for delivering the gifts for the town but there’s someone house he hate to go. The most naughty guy in the town, Santa heard that the guy is a sweet talker and when you captivated by his word or dead. He checked his list again if the guy really is in his list, Santa Claus don’t have a choi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl With No Words // LokixReader
    87.3K 3.7K 7

    You are a regular girl who lives in one of the little villages in Asgard. But there is one thing about you that's not exactly 'regular'. You are mute (you connot speak) and extremely shy. You're more comfortable on your own and it takes a lot of trust for you to open up to someone, but since you can't speak, not many...

  • Babysitting Homosexual Twins (Yaoi BoyxBoy) [ DISCONTINUED ]
    614K 15.7K 30

    don't read. read last part. i'm sorry, bye.

  • Fire and Ice
    43.1K 1.3K 11

    Tony hates everything about him. His hardened, zicorn-blue eyes, that gleam like ice. His golden hair that glinted when light hit it, and the ageless serum that transformed Steve. The serum that his father had worked on to create the stunning super-soldier. Steve can't stand him. Always grinning like a hero, although...

  • This Means War | BillDip {Sequel to The Blue Flame}
    57.3K 2.3K 11

    Three years ago, Bill was shot and 'killed' by Stanford. But what if he wasn't truly gone...? ---------------------------------------------------- Dipper, has lost it. He was so desperate to find Bill, he shut everyone out, including his twin. He moved out of the shack, in order to find a way to bring Bill back. He s...