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  • •My Sketchbook•
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    You know how to look at a title, right?

  • My Art Book (4)
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    Why am I still here Too bad You're stuck with me Also Josh, you're out of the band (Spam is a-okay) WARNING LABEL: Could cause burning of retinas, severe nerve pain, slight migraines, constantly face palming, muscle spasms, and death.

  • Artbook
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    please read last chapter

  • Trash This Said Art
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    Welcome to my Art Book I do mimic some artworks. Unlike other people who are on the Internet all day I will not post urls find it yourself. If you don't like my art fine by me I don't give a damn. I've had 6-10 people say my art is good in real life at school and my mother is proud of me as an artist. So is my step da...

  • (F)Art ish Great
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  • [art- the third one]
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    why are there three

  • Golden Road To Hell / Art Book!
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    Basically my unnecessary stuff(art). Also tags, but in a more... "fun" way of doing them. Goodness, I enjoy doing tags very much.

  • Slenderfluid's Asshole OCs
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    i love coming up with OCs but i never do anything with them so i'll just stuff these assholes in this book

  • art or whatever
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    this is Disgusting skip literally every fucking chapter oh my god