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  • {completed} one-shots 》servamp x reader
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    //requests; closed// ‼️‼️‼️ a collection of (shitty) servamp x reader one-shots brought to you by yours truly ^-^ ‼️‼️‼️ i write: fluff, angst, songfics, headcanons, literally anything but lemons. ‼️‼️‼️ {i do not own servamp or any of its characters - but if i did, licht would be under my bed right now, just saying...

  • Servamp x Reader *discontinued*
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    !IM NOT A SERIOUS WRITER! this book happened on complete accident so let's just roll with it. Book is on temporary hold. I DONT OWN SERVAMP OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS BUT I WISH I DID CAUSE THEY'RE HOT!

  • Betray Who? (Servamp X OC) *discontinued*
    14.3K 398 32

    Who will she betray, the one who saved her or the one who she saved? (ON HOLD)

  • Servamp Oneshots! (Request TEMPORARY CLOSE)
    8.7K 127 3

    "Aww... It's okay. I just say, 'He told me to do it.' Free will is overrated." -Kuro "Kuro! Cut the cute kitty act!!" -Mahiru * also available on Quotev under the pen name AnimeTV!

  • Bite Me~ [A Servamp X Reader Insert]
    17.5K 509 3

    Well . . . I hope you all enjoy some Hot Vampires, and Servamps after you! Trust me, I'll try to explain the situation to Twilight fans! XD ( . . . Okay, this is not a rude comment, just a little joke, and I'm sorry if I offended any of you by that . . . )

  • Sloth (Kuro x reader)
    50.6K 1.6K 4

    Drabbles, Oneshots, Twoshots, Fluff, Lemons and more for our favorite shut in vampire~!

  • ⌜Servamp x Reader⌟ ¡One Shots!
    36.4K 732 8

    "Each page contains a different story. Flip and read to find fluff, angst, and even sexual tension"-puffymarshmallows Yea, I have started another addicting one shot book.. [Warning: contains lemon and smut] >Requests are currently closed< -puffymarshmallows

  • Various servamp x eve! Reader
    41.9K 848 10

    all I'm seeing for servamp is oneshots so I decided to make a various! story. This WILL be a multiple ending story. This is also published on my quotev account under @TheGrandMemeKing

  • Servamp X Reader (Oneshots)
    60K 1.2K 15

    I do not own Servamp! These are oneshots with the anime characters from Servamp! This is my first story ever so sorry if it takes forever to update or has bad grammer or whatever. Thanks for reading this and my oneshots. At the moment this is my only story but I maybe doing more! I DID A LEMON JUST TO LET YOU KNOW!

  • servamp oneshots
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    lemomilk this was made when i was 11 so please refrain from harsh comments guys. i realize my language errors and now i've learned from my mistakes.

  • {Servamp X Reader One-Shots}
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    You know the drill ;) [ On Hiatus ] [ Requests are open ] [ May contain spoilers from the anime and manga, also the use of bad language ] [ I do not write smut, at least not now ]

  • Servamp x Vampire reader
    13.5K 316 7

    lolls so I'm low key addicted to this show and I hope you enjoy your adventures with them.

  • SerVamp x Reader One-Shots
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    REQUESTS ARE OPEN NO NSFW chapters: 46/ ?? ✖️ I do not own servamp ✖️