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    Flurry Heart. Daughter of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. Born as an Alicorn with powers beyond the imaginations of most. However, her purpose in life is still unknown. What's her destiny going to be?

  • TNT Horror Contest
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    TNT is out to find the most spine-tingling tales through the #TNTHorrorContest. Submit your darkest, most macabre stories for the chance to see them brought to life on the small screen! Keep reading for all the details

  • Truth Comes Second
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    A sequel to Family Comes First by Mason FitzGibbon After Carrie telling the detectives about the abuse Tommy put her through, a search is out for Tommy and Jimmy. Julie is trying her best to keep the family's traditions secret, but the detectives have been in the basement. She gets caught up in a web of lies and has...

  • Self Help by Miranda Sings
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    This book is about Self Help by Miranda Sings original book but a short Re-Mix

  • Stampylonghead: Let's Go Crazy
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    When Hit The Target starts making appearances in the Lovely World again, things start going wrong for the inhabitants of Stampy's world. Friends and family must be reunited in order to take down the threat, but what will be the cost of the war? Can they be sure that the battle will be won without loss?

  • Little Talks •[Being ReWritten - Look For New Book]•
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    This is for any gender, so don't worry about that! TW - abuse, self harm, and lots of cheese -_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Your mother died soon after giving birth to you, so you have no memories of her. Your father treated you fine until you reached the age of 6, which was when you started to follow directions and not complain...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Art (Mostly Undertale)
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    Some crappy art that I do on my freetime....