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  • The Prestige Awards 2019
    7K 490 7

    [status : open] Welcome back or welcome to The Prestige Awards 2019! Submissions are open now! The Prestige Awards is a book award held to acknowledge those talented, undiscovered authors who have created and crafted a story with prestigious elements. If you think that your book is worth the read sign up inside! Mor...

  • Number One
    732 38 3

    After being accepted into St. Elizabeth's School of Excellence's new elite program for scholars, Xaria Arlington is more then exhilarated to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the country. With this amazing opportunity and her continuous strive for success, Xaria and her family move across the country so sh...

  • Bound To You
    341K 14.9K 48

    "And in the mystification they realized that they were mates." Arabella Gardenia carries the world on her shoulders. As a young child, she was expected nothing more than to meet her parents' and pack's expectations. Now, as a young woman, those expectations are coming into reality. Unfeeling from years of training, Ar...

  • Surrender
    48K 2.4K 15

    "His masculine scent and dominance engulfed any room he walked into." Amelia Soren is much beloved by the Soren's werewolf community. For twenty years, she's lived among friends and family, loved by all that's met her. A month before she turns twenty-one, the time has come for Amelia to leave everything and everyone...

  • Veracity
    161 24 3

    In which an emotional girl finally expresses her feelings in the form of poetry. The only way she can reveal the veracity of her emotions without feeling vulnerable.

  • Words Do Hurt
    479 65 2