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  • Biography Fuckers
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    My Bio Bitches

  • My Demon Wolf (My Alpha Series Book 3 boyxboy)
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    After making a deal with the devil and becoming a demon wolf, Riley develops a plan that will make everyone happy but what will happen when the only way to break a deal is to sacrifice a life of the one you love?

  • My Beta(My Alpha Series Book 2 boyxboy)
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    As Beta of the Red Sun pack, Riley Starck is expected to help and protect his pack. But he can't do his job if he's constantly thinking about his mate, Danny, the omega of the pack. Riley has known Danny was his mate for awhile but why he wont accept him is a secret. What happens when Riley starts dating someone that...

  • My Alpha (My Alpha Series Book 1 boyxboy)(under revision)
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    ••His eyes sparkled like the ocean against his pale skin while his pink lips stood out, asking to be kissed. ••