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  • aisle five » hemmings a.u.
    8.7M 287K 64

    in which a girl with an unhealthy love for starbursts and a boy whose hair has been accidentally dyed purple meet at a pharmacy and end up trapped

    Completed   Mature
    287K 9.7K 13

    I whimpered as his grip tightened around my wrist. "I've been waiting for a while for you." he growled, pulling me towards him. "W-Who are you? Why do you want me?" I asked, my eyes getting watery. The man chuckled, "They always ask the same questions.." he stated, "Well, I'm Louis. And I don't want, I need you." [Boo...

  • Redemption [h.s.]
    3.1M 113K 89

    Maybe she shouldn't have opened her door in the middle of the night. 24/06/19 #3 in fanfiction 24/06/19 #3 in romance

  • OCD
    592K 36.7K 17

    She was the first beautiful thing he ever got stuck on. © Kat Marielle

  • Hidden. (by seasidestyles-original copy)
    649K 16.3K 82

    2014 Watty Award Winner rose does not like harry. and harry does not like rose. but perhaps the looming threat of a ruthless mastermind and a shady corporate conspiracy can change that for them. because to her, he was like the moon-part of him was always hidden. cover art by @hotteas BY SEASIDESTYLES(I DO NOT OWN THIS...