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  • Graphic Portfolio | B1
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    - PERMANENTLY CLOSED- You can look through all the covers here, but be warned, all of these were made in 2016, up until September. I do not accept requests anymore. ( cover by the amazing @xantherowd )

  • Eternal Graphics (CLOSED FOREVER)
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  • Infinity Graphics | CLOSED FOREVER
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    Please check out my second graphics book if you wish to request! [ ]OPEN [X] CLOSED [ ]CFCU [ ] MY RICE COOKER HAS BROKEN Let's hope that last one never gets an 'X' Hello there! This is Infinity Graphics, where you may find covers, banners, and premades. #78 in random on 9/21/16

  • Llyn's Graphics [Closed]
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    Hi! My name is Llyn, and this is my graphics shop! Here, you can request banners, covers, profiles, profile headers, and any other graphics for me to make. Enjoy! The shop is Closed Permanently! #400 in Random: 1/21/17

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    Welcome to my graphic shop where I'll be making book covers and showcasing my recent graphics that I'm proud of. Premades are also currently available. REQUESTS : CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE COMMISSIONS: ALWAYS OPEN! COVER - @grannyspeachtea