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  • Kailua
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    "It is not what we risk that makes us brave maucha, It what we we are willing to sacrifice ." *** Join Adama and as she listens to the ancient story of Kailua, a lowley blacksmith's daughter but with the heart of bravery and how she saved all of Zelx land. #6 Village Fantasy (Rising)7/09/2018 #3 Tribal (New)7/09/2018

  • Blind to Beauty
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    "What is beautiful anyways? Is it the color of someone's skin or eyes? Their height? The way they dress? What is it?" I asked, not really expecting an answer. "I think beautiful is someone who looks past the exterior and gives people a chance. Someone who tries to understand another. An unselfish being. Someone who do...

  • Summer Rain
    3.5M 83.5K 72

    [Includes Something about Summer & After Rain] Raine Evans had everything. Okay, maybe not. So she avoided her problems a bit too much and didn't have the best past, but she was happy. Then summer came. What started out as a crazy challenge and a devious, match-making best friend turned into an unconscious game of hea...