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  • Releasing Phoenix
    1.8K 292 23

    Phoenix Lyra Vale was determined to make her last summer break before college unforgettable. On a trip across Europe, she and her best friends come across the ancient, picturesque Italian city of Milan only for a week. After a blissful week with coffee and pizza, what could go wrong on the seventh day? On a night out...

  • Forcefully Mated
    407K 11.6K 47

    Annabelle June Willows was from the Red Dawn pack. She was sweet, kind, beautiful and everything you would want in the perfect mate. But what did she do to deserve such a mate? "MINE" he growled making my eyes widen. He was my mate. But why? What did I do to deserve a mate like 'Xavier Nicholas Knight'. Xavier Nichola...

  • No time like the present
    9 1 1

    Pretty much mindfulness, but make it depressing

  • | don't forget | cover shop | CLOSED |
    8.6K 372 99

    | Self Explanatory | *** | Status: closed | ***

  • Alpha of doom
    9.8M 307K 76

    "In the end, the guy doesn't change for the girl, the girl is still broken and they don't end up together." He was cold He was tormented He was cruel He was ruthless He was powerful He couldn't love He killed He was the alpha of doom She was fragile She was sweet She was kind She loved anyone She was broken She wa...

  • Captured Hearts Book 1 in the Heart Series - Wattys 2015 Winner
    3.2M 195K 56

    Jenna Yousuf has everything all girls envy. A mansion, fancy cars, diamonds and jewels, closets filled with clothes, shoes and purses. A hot husband. But she isn't happy. Who could be when you were forced to marry a man you don't love just to save your family? She doesn't want to give him a chance, nor does she want t...

  • Every Good Girl Has A Secret (discontinued!!!)
    593 15 15

    MacKenzies bloodwood is a sophomore in black well high she is known as the schools nerd and goody two shoes she all ways wears long sleves and pants but why?!?! what happens when the badass of the school Camroen and his gang go to a street fight and sees her... will he tell her littel secret? or will he keep it a sec...