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  • dear draco,
    19.2M 524K 46

    ❛stay a little longer❜ there is a list on my profile of the available translations of this story.

    Completed   Mature
  • Modification || T. Riddle || Completed
    5.1M 209K 51

    Winner of the 2016 Fanfiction Awards! Things will be different for Estela this year at Hogwarts. Having seen the catastrophic future that lies ahead, Albus Dumbledore has given her a task. Foreseen to be a monster, Estela must change a certain student named Tom Riddle. He's arrogant, manipulative, independent and powe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Audacity. | Harry Potter
    2M 82.9K 82

    Harry Potter considered himself to know just about everyone in Gryffindor house. But somehow he managed to slip over Freya Majors. Which in all honesty was a feat in itself. Freya Majors wasn't exactly a quiet girl, she was a girl with a plan. Harry finally noticed her when he showed up at 12 Grimmauld Place and she s...

  • Little Riddle | James Potter
    3.4M 119K 65

    [ EDITING] James Potter was a skilled and talented wizard, his name a renowned one amongst Hogwarts students. Many knew him because of his outstanding Quidditch skills, most because of his infatuation with Lily Evans, but everyone knew he was a key member of the infamous Marauders that tormented the cas...

  • Go Lightly ━ Harry Potter (1)
    818K 38.7K 38

    "Do you not have the stomach for this, Miss Lippincott?"

  • Homonculous |Marauders Era
    2.7M 188K 83

    Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs certainly feel quite accomplished after completing what they dub as the Marauder's Map. A map designed to show every classroom, hall, corridor, and even secret passageway of the Hogwarts Castle but also capable of identifying every person, ghost, and poltergeist roaming abou...

  • Life of a Blood Traitor
    20.4K 1.2K 33

    Reinette Hanson is your average 11 year old Harry Potter fan. Until Albus Dumbledore comes to her house and tells her that the wizarding world is real and the books haven't happened yet! She finds out her last name isn't what she thought it was,that Snape knew her dad and a bunch of other surprising things! It's a fan...

  • Briar ⋆ Fred Weasley (2)
    1.3M 55.6K 61

    "Briar Lupin had dreamt, predicted, foreseen death more times than she cared to admit. If she actually remembered all of the times it had occurred, at least." Sequel to Blue.

  • attached | james potter
    1.4M 45K 30

    James Potter is infatuated. Utterly and completely infatuated. And he isn't going to give up that easily. (James/OC) UNEDITED!!!

  • We're Called The Marauders
    304K 12.1K 36

    Calysta Daelynn is a transfer from America. Her first day at Hogwarts leads her to meeting the rowdy bunch called the Marauders. Her days at the ancient wizarding school show her just how fun and difficult it can be to have friends like James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius. *under editing*

  • Astronomy » James Potter
    476K 14.8K 15

    "When did you find astronomy so interesting?" "When I found something worth looking at." [Marauders Era]

  • Juliet Diggory (HPFF/ HPLS) SLOW UPDATES
    74.9K 1.8K 80

    SLOW UPDATES DUE TO HEALTH *un-edited and a VERY crappy at first as I was young with untreated dyslexia but as you read on it gets better* Juliet Lyric Arias Lilly Irma Eloise Diggory is Cedric Diggory's little sister. A normal witch or so she thinks, join Juliet at her magical time at Hogwarts and she goes through h...

  • Pennelope and the Trapdoor (Harry Potter love story) book 1
    148K 3.7K 12

    (Edited) Pennelope Jone lived a pretty ordinary life with her sister Hermione Granger. But everything changed when she received a letter from a school going by the name of Hogwarts. Join Pennelope as she encounters a three headed dog, evil plants, flying keys, giant chessboards, and the Chosen One.