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  • Along For the Ride
    27.5M 628K 49

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION When Katelyn is forced to travel the US with her pop star brother and leave her soccer dream behind, she is furious - until she meets singer Zach Matthews... ***** Connor Jackson. These two words make every girl go crazy, sc...

  • I'll Protect You
    1.2M 31.7K 48

    "Can Nixon touch you like this?" Hunter asks as his hand slowly trails down my neck down to my hip. "Nixon can do better." I egg him on. "Can Nixon make you shiver like this?" I lean my head to the side as his lips slowly make contact with that spot on my neck. Goosebumps cover my skin. "Better." I smirk and he nar...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever Yours | ✔️
    1.8M 32K 48

    (Romance - #6 - Watty Awards 2012 finalist) So Clarey and Evan had their little happily ever after. Fast forward 17 years later and the fraternal twins Klara and Ivan are all grown up now. Klara is now in love with Owen, a transferee from Middleton high private school. Sure, Mom and Dad wouldn't mind, right? There'...

  • The New Girl
    482K 11.3K 52

    ''maybe being the New Girl is not so bad after all..''

  • Do You Love Me? | ✔️
    5.4M 90K 38

    (Humor #3 Romance #4) - This is Clarey: A slim, pretty, brunette tomboy. This is Evan: A spoiled, cocky, handsome rich boy. Mix the two together and what do you get? CJ + Evan = Chaos Clarey Johnson and Evan James von Detten had always hated each other ever since kindergarten. They were neighbors and they went to t...

  • Masquerade Kiss (#1)
    782K 28K 52

    [COMPLETED!] Mikayla Tracer is a headstrong, ambitious girl whose dream is to make it big in the music industry. Standing in her way is Blake Ryan, the Golden Boy of the celebrity world. He has everything she wants: the record deal, the fame, and the media's attention. During their first encounter, neither one seem...