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  • v a l e r i e | #3 SE
    29.2K 160 1

    I, take you... to be my secret desire, in pain and pleasure. Till death do us, fuck... A dirty dalliance that had him addicted to Valerie like a drug... #3 Seductively Explicit series

  • j e z e b e l | #2 SE
    24.4K 133 1

    How far will she go to earn that 'A'... #2 Seductively Explict series

  • l i l i t h | #1 SE
    233K 3.4K 4

    Her undisgused seduction knew no bounds. His untamable lust craved to possess her. It was dark, seductive and unsettlingly illict. It was a clandestine affair... #1 Seductively Explicit series