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  • Suicide Squad Origin: Harley Quinn
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    This is about Harley Quinn's Origin Tale based from what I know on 'Suicide Squad'. Also on her love blossoming for the Joker. Please don't reply anything bad on my story. My first one actually. Follow me on Twitter on @untlurlstbrth48...:)

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    Watch out, Gotham. The Prince is back and ready to take back what's his.

  • The Suicide Squad
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    *WARNING* This story is under construction. Any weird quirks you come across, I'm working on it to improve the quality of the story for you readers. Just updated chapter #1 Villians are forced to turn into haunted heroes... All starting with Harley Quinn and her ride to craziness.

  • ThE cRaZiEs *A jOkEr AnD hArLeY QuInN fAn Fic*
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    He has green hair She has blue and pink hair He has a maniacal grin on his face She's always bruised He has crazy tatt...