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  • Ib endings and how to get them
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    hello, so I wanted to make a guide on how to get different endings in Ib (the indie rpg) because I didn't see a lot of them that I really liked. So here you go! these can also be found on the Ib wiki page and different websites relating to this subject. hope you enjoy. I will try to cover all the endings and how to ge...

  • Shadow of the Colossus
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    A fanfic story for shadow of the colossus. An amazing game that deserves an effort. Be advised that I own none of this, I am just a humble fan trying to bring attention to the little noticed and great game.

  • Vocaloid song meanings
    117K 1.9K 21

    This will hopefully help you if you want to at least have an idea of the meanings behind Vocaloid songs. Currently not taking requests... Sorry guys ^-^'

  • Vocaloid Lyrics Book 2
    13.7K 129 64

    Vocaloid lyrics. Taking requests!^^

  • Vocaloid lyrics
    86.9K 1.1K 81

    Vocaloid song lyrics. Taking requests! (∩_∩)

  • Don't Mind Me, Just Ranting.
    7K 721 35

    Yup, just me ranting...

  • Vocaloids in the Purge
    2.6K 151 7

    A Few chapters edited by Samantha-chan.

  • Ask IA!
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    Questions are always open :) (Just comment them on the first chapter, sometimes I don't see them when you comment on other parts)