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  • human abstract | oiken
    2.1K 132 4

    [t. oikawa x k. kenma] in which oikawa makes the patient in room 104 feel real for the first time story © jessica // ongoing

  • radio silence | iwaoi ✓
    4.2K 398 4

    [t. oikawa x h. iwaizumi] ❝can anybody tell me, why, i'm lonely like a satellite?❞ -in which oikawa is a lonely astronaut searching for a voice amongst the static written by jess // completed

  • driftwood | oisuga ✓
    39.1K 2.4K 20

    [t. oikawa x k. sugawara] ❝because you could never love me without hurting me first❞ story © jessica // completed

  • mirror, mirror | keiji akaashi ✓
    64.5K 3.5K 7

    [keiji akaashi x insecure!reader] ❝all she saw was a paper thin reflection, and the ghosts that chased it❞ story © jessica // completed

  • shelter | semishira ✓
    49.8K 2.2K 11

    [semi eita x kenjirou shirabu » drabbles] ❝ you're all i need ❞ written by jess + completed

  • paper hearts » pretty setters
    24.6K 906 8

    [pretty setter squad x reader » drabbles] ❝you don't win alone. that's just how it is❞ first book; paper crowns written by jess + ji

  • paper crowns » pretty setters ✓
    181K 7.2K 26

    [pretty setter squad x reader » drabbles] ❝if you're gonna hit it, hit it until it breaks❞ new book; paper hearts