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  • The Scorch Runner // Sequel To The Maze Runner
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    Trial Number Two Book Number Two

  • meme book
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    warning: this is very offensive -

  • Supernatural Memes
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    153 chapters and counting Daily memes and text posts, 5 per chapter! The cover was made by @WxndxrWxman so make sure to give them a follow :)) #1 in destiel as of 5/20/19 #1 in dean as of 6/26/19 #1 in lol as of 6/27/19 #1 in memes as of 8/28/19 #1 in supernatural as of 7/7/19 #2 in carryonmywaywardson as of 7/8/19 #...

  • 3am vines
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    vines that are there for me at 3am when I'm crying about how simple my life use to be back in 2014

  • lost in neverland
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    his lost girl her lost boy who knew a demon like the emerald-eyed boy could love such an innocent gentle girl. who knew the innocent gentle girl could love an emerald-eyed demon boy.

  • Run ( ON HOLD ) -Peter Parker FanFic-
    2.3K 238 26

    Not good at descriptions but if you want you can give this cringeworthy book a read. ???

  • Professionally Riven II #wattys2018
    323 49 14

    Madison Campbell feels lost and broken without her mom. Her dad constantly abuses her and her brother abandoned her. She is in desperate need of a hero before she ends her life, but no one can save her because they don't know she's hiding her scars. When she meets Jaiden Mozacki it changes her life forever. He helps h...

  • Defying
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    [Slightly inspired by Final Destination] Aliya and Jaycee are normal, as normal as they could ever be. Both working their way through college, living as normal as possible. Until that '67 Impala rides into town...

  • The Maze Runner // Minho Fanfiction
    45K 1.1K 39

    It's only the beginning... "I love you." "I love you too, princess." All rights go to James Dashner for the story and plot. I only own my character.

  • Head Over Heels | T. posey
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    "I get butterflies when you say that." "I get butterflies when I look at you." ___________ Tyler Posey Fan Fic :)) enjoy

  • Just The Way You Are ( ON HOLD ) [ PART THREE COMING SOON ]
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    A story in which a boy taught a girl it was ok to love herself. _________ "I love you just the way you are." "Really?" "Really." __________ PART THREE COMING SOON

  • Stranger Years
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    After being introduced to Finn Wolfhard, Kaylee Lopez begins to catch feelings for the talented musician/actor. Things are going really well in her life, as she signs to join the Riverdale TV series and The Perfectionists, a Pretty Little Liars spin-off. But a crush is all it is, she doesn't know if Finn likes her ba...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fight For Her |#Wattys2018|
    1.1K 18 25

    Cover by @Graphic_Squad!! Check them out here on wattpad!! Classic love stories are everyone's cliche, two lovers meet in the city, the boys foster sister asks for the girls number for the boy, boy thanks and helps girl, boy finally asks girl on date.. It seems like a classic.. Until you find out their secrets and ho...

  • Further
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  • Unreal
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    Emma is going to a new school in a new town after the painful death of her parents. She soon falls for a guy named Daniel, who is mysterious and hiding something. But as soon as Emma turns 17 strange things that she could not imagine are happening to her and Daniel knows exactly what they are. Things like real life an...

  • Roommates-[Cole Sprouse]
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    i don't do cliché descriptions, just give it a read