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  • Sweet Beauty
    21.4K 1.4K 75

    What happens after "Happily Ever After?" Isamar Brock kissed the handsome prince Domerik Handriell, freeing him from the enchantress's curse that turned him into a monster. But when the enchantress returns, killing Isa's father, their love is tested like never before. Isa travels to the kingdom's capital to seek a way...

  • Tattered
    37.2K 3.2K 23

    For the warriors of Geatland, there is nothing greater than glory. For Brynhildr, daughter of Geatland's king, it is the only way to prove herself. Born with a freakish appearance, Bryn bears an eerie resemblance to the trolls, the vicious monsters that have terrorized her father's lands for generations. And with the...

  • The Sword of Wisimir
    53.9K 3.4K 41

    Opportunistic thief, Jack Von Drey thinks his luck is in when he steals the Governor's taxes from the back of a treasury wagon. But it turns out, this is a game with higher stakes than he bargained for. City Minister, Urin Braymes makes one bad decision. Unfortunately for him, it opens him up to being blackmailed for...

  • The Red
    64.9K 3.5K 43

    "I-I will dye it black if you want." I shuddered. My voice startled everyone for a minute and then, the whole palace was filled with laughter. Their laughter was saying even if you dye them, they will still grow red. You still are considered a witch. Their laughter was filled with humiliation. I clenched my long p...

  • Aethernea : Soulbound [Book 1]
    543K 57.5K 163

    [Best Fantasy Story Winner at Fiction Awards 2016] In a world where everyone can use magic, Kiel is a non-mage - until he makes a deal that would change his life forever. A deal that ultimately pulls him into a web of lies, ancient riddles, and fatal secrets, where one wrong step could bring his untimely demise. Blur...