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  • Weaker & Weak
    185K 5.5K 28

    This story is about how Sakura hears her team mates calling her weak and soon leaves the village with a mysterious woman. This will lead Sakura to meet a familiar black haired missing-nin and find herself torn between the fate of Konoha and her heart's uprising SasuSaku Highest Rank: #3- strong, #4- sasusaku

  • The girl who wears a bandana (Naruto fanfiction)
    21.8K 1K 14

    This is a story about a girl who wears a bandana on her head every single second of her life. Why? Because it was a gift from her parents. She lives as a normal school girl and suddenly, she got sucked into a portal and boom, she's in Naruto. And once she learns the truth, she will be going on a hunt with her sister t...

  • Blooming little girl ~Naruto Fanfic~
    502 31 1

    Rima is Rin's little sister. Unaware of her deceased family she grew up in the hands of the third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. At the age of twelve she finally becomes a ninja along with her friends and allies. What kind of things will happen to Rira? Will love ever happen or will she just fall to death? Read to find out...