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  • for the guy with the grey sweater
    747K 66.2K 62

    for the guy i see every so often but i'm too shy to talk to

  • Anger Management
    1.7M 152K 43

    ❝Good morning. This is Target, how can I help you?❞ ❝Why do I have the sudden urge to kill my family?❞ ❝...Woah...well...shit. Ma'am, I think you dialed the wrong number.❞ ❝No. I dialed correctly. Are you any help?❞ ❝...No sé qué decir a esta chica loca.❞ In which a girl named Farah calls Target and meets a boy named...

  • Anxiety Attack
    21.1M 791K 58

    In which a girl can't go a day without an anxiety attack and a boy can't go a day without noticing

  • Bad Boys
    289K 18.8K 32

    r e a d nice guys b e f o r e y o u r e a d t h i s. nice guys finish last but bad boys finish first only because they're chased down. # some high rank in s h o r t s t o r y

  • mute depression
    35.9K 2K 13

    "We choose our sorrows and our joys long before we experience them." © 2015 by NoiseOfSilence. All rights reserved.

  • sail away
    69.4K 6.8K 32

    "what did you do while i was away?" he asked. and she never answered, until now.

  • Misfits
    956K 79.5K 70

    "Hello?" "Is your house on fire?" "No...?" "Man, I thought it was because you're so dang hot." "I think you need to work on that." ... One prank call One girl One guy One great story ********* Cover by RaghaddMurad Highest Rating: #1 in short story

  • Whiteout
    55.4K 4K 41

    PREV ; BECAUSE OF YOU She's a victim. He's her kidnapper. And she's taken away from everything she's ever known and loved. BE WARNED - this isn't your average kidnapping story. + (not worth reading at all, i don't know what my 15 year old self was thinking writing this tbh, it continues to be up for me to reminisc...

  • chimère
    2.2K 305 33

    -- a dream he loves; a dream he can't touch; a dream that's killing him. -- (cover by me)